Community Supports No Smoking Efforts 5/1/13

For the past three years Sierra County Friday Night Live has been working towards reducing tobacco sales to minors.  The Loyalton and Downieville Friday Night Live would like to thank The following organizations for supporting our efforts:  the CubHouse Daycare/Preschool, Sierra County Literacy, High Sierra Family Services, Grizzly Cub Parents Club, Downieville Summer Recreation, Sierra County Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board/Tobacco Coalition, First 5 Sierra County, Sierra County Public Health, Sierra Plumas Joint Unified School District, and the Sierra County FNL Kids and Club Live members and advisors.

We encourage young people to not begin smoking because according to the Surgeon General’s Report more than 80 percent of all adult smokers began smoking before they turned 18 years old.  They also state that the younger the person starts smoking, the more difficult it is to quit.  In as little as two weeks of use, nicotine changes brain chemistry and addiction sets in.  (Addictive Behavior, 1991 & Tobacco Control, 2002)

Tobacco use is associated with alcohol and illicit drug use.  People who start smoking as children are four times more likely to be regular users of an illicit drug than those who do not smoke as children.  (Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, 1994)  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention also states that one of three teens who currently smoke will die prematurely of tobacco-related disease.

Tobacco retailers are the main point of entry for tobacco products in our communities.  As tobacco sales to minors are reduced and possibly negated, our youth will benefit, as will our communities.

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