Cooter’s Pet Pals… 9/19/12

Callie Mitchell at the Loyalton Museum

“Ok, she thinks if she calls I’ll come running… hmmm.. okay she’s in the car… backing up… turning the corner, but still backing up towards me…. the car has stopped, now she is getting out and walking toward me… picking me up and carrying me to the car…. just what I thought she would do…. she thinks she’s the boss… woof woof (doggy snicker)..”

9/12/12 Yes, I have a bunny. It’s mine has nothing to do with Cooter or Java. Keep your mitts off of it.

8/29/12 I am a dog

But why do they call me “Evil Patrick”? Is it because I am a daredevil? I’m just a cat, a nice Irish cat, I’m good, I don’t bite or scratch… unless I have too, of course… I use my box, eat my food, keep the house mouse free… I ask you when’s the last time you saw a mouse in the kitchen?


Stella (Java’s niece) trys to escape the heat by pretending she is Santa Paws and it is winter while chowing down..
Hi, who the heck is Cooter and where is Tom?


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