County CattleWomen offer 2013 Scholarships

Loyalton–    Plumas Sierra CattleWomen are again offering scholarships to 2013 graduating seniors and to last year’s recipients who are continuing their studies and meet the qualifications.

Plumas-Sierra Cattlemen are also giving the Francis Carmichael Memorial Scholarship administered by the CattleWomen. The amount to be given will be determined by number of applications and proceeds of previous year’s sale of our Brand Quilt which is always generously supported by our communities.

The qualifications are: Applicant must have been a resident of Plumas or Sierra County for one year and a graduate of Plumas or Sierra County High Schools.

If applicant is from a farm or ranch family, he or she may be enrolling in any course of study at a college or vocational school. If he or she is from a non farm/ranch or agriculture income family they must be enrolling in agriculture, including Forestry, Horticulture etc. courses supporting the agriculture and beef industry. (Application packet will give more clarification on these courses.)

Application packets are now available at all high schools in the counties or by calling Maureen Kimberling 530-993-4036.

Applicants must be postmarked on or before April 30, 2013 or will be disqualified.

The CattleWomen are very interested in supporting our youth and families to maintain the ranching and agricultural way of life in our Counties.

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