Dad Would Be Proud 12/12/12

Thank you so much to Chief Lee Brown and the Downieville Volunteer Fire Dept. members who worked on illuminating the bell tower for the holidays! It made me smile when I left work last night to see it glowing.
For those of you who remember my father (Tom Vilas), the bell tower was his forth child and making sure the tower was “lit up” for Christmas was a great source of pride for him along with a great deal of aggravation, cursing, creativity, politics and worry for his family (picture an 80 year old man on an extension ladder in the back of his pick up stretching up with a wire to hook the top string)!  Not that he didn’t have offers of help, he did, but he chose to “do it himself”!
Thanks for keeping this tradition going! I’m sure dad would have been happy and proud, even though you did it differently than him!
Cindy McCreary, Downieville

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