DIG Makes Plans for 2013 Events 2/27/13



The meeting was called to order by Cherry Simi at 6 PM.  The following Downieville people attended:  Cherry Simi, Lodhi, Mike Galan, Dan McNamara, Donna McNamara, Liz Luster, Ingrid Larson, Dan Farrington, Jim Roos, Rachel Guffin, Don Potter, Cindy McCreary.  Cracker Eshelman attended on behalf of the Arts Council.  Chamber of Commerce members who attended included Kathy Breed, Mary Ervin, Joanne Pathel, Patty Hall.  Jennifer Johnson from Loyalton was also present.

The following items were discussed:

Burning Tree:  It was successful.  We should do it again next year.  A big thanks to Mike Galan and Will Clark for taking the remains of the trees to the dump!

Calendar:  Mike Galan discussed the signs for the Downieville Events sign.  We need to do a “blurb” for the Sierra County Visitor’s Guide for each calendared event.  Cherry, Liz and Ingrid will meet to meet the deadline of February 21st.

Banff Film Festival (April 5 & 6):  Cracker asked for raffle donations.  A sign up sheet was passed around.  We asked restaurants to please be open for hospitality to the visitors.  Two Rivers Café and the Taqueria will be open.  The Grubstake will open May 1st.  (Christopher was not present so we are not certain about the Bakery)

Fishing Derby:  Father’s Day (June 16):  Mike Galan and John Luster will be in charge.  Jim Johnston will not be here.  He will ask Bill Copren to attend and give a demonstration on making flies.  2,000 fish will be planted in the river on the Friday before.  Cindy will provide for sign ups for the Derby and will be selling fishing licenses. Rachel will get some raffle prizes.

 Community Dinners – Wintertime: The last 2 dinners, at the St Charles and at the Sierra City Hotel were successful with the Golden Rays Vans transporting people to and from.  Jim Roos announced that the next Thursday night dinner will be at the St. Charles on Thursday, February 28th.  The Golden Rays Vans will transport people from Sierra City.  It was suggested next year Downieville plan another night in the month so there will be 2 nights to choose from, one in Sierra City and one in Downieville. 

 Web Cam for Downieville:  Cherry suggested the idea.  We need to do more checking into.  Graeagle, Bassett’s and Sierra City all have web cams, too.

Patty Hall commented that SED (Sierra Economic Development Corporation) helps fund and place movie sets in locations in the Sierras.  This might be something to consider.  Also SED conducts classes for small businesses in addition to making loans to small businesses.

Cemetery Tours:  This idea was suggested as a future event or portion of an event. Holidayinsights.com:  Cherry suggested this web site for new ideas.

Sierra Chamber of Commerce:  The Chamber plans to have a meeting in March and will give notice to all members.

Mary Ervin mentioned that she and others will be attending a outdoor or sports show in San Jose in the near future and intend to distribute the Visitor’s Guide and talk up Sierra County

Next Meeting:  is Wednesday, March 20, 2013, at 6 PM at the Masonic Hall.  [Note that the Hall rental is $25.  We invite donations].  Gold Rush Days Committee will meet at 5 PM on March 20th at the Masonic Hall immediately before the DIG meeting.

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  1. Thanks, Liz, for posting the minutes from the meeting. The March meeting location has been changed to the Downieville Community Hall, same day/time. We invite all interested people to attend!

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