District Attorney Cases 2/13/13


Lawrence R. Allen

District Attorney / Public Administrator


William Price (63) Sierra City.  After a trial by jury, Price was convicted of carrying a concealed firearm, and carrying a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle.  The case was referred to probation with sentencing on February 22, 2013.

Cecilia Fuchs (40) Auburn.  Failure to pay fine on a charge of possession of a hypodermic needle.  Converted to 25 days in jail.

Jason Palmer (33)  Loyalton.  Driving under the influence with a prior conviction.  Three years probation, 10 days jail, fine $2532, alcohol school.

A. J. Blackwell (26) Downieville.  Violation of probation for failure to keep in contact with probation.  Twenty – six days jail, further sentencing on March 8.

Tyler Charlton (22)  Battle Mountain Nv.  Drunk in public, ten AA sessions, two days jail.

Brandie Purvis (32) Loyalton.  Admitted to dog at large, dog trespass on property of another, and dog trespass causing damage to property.  Restitution to be determined at sentencing on March 19.

Bernis Stringer (60) Sierra City.  Dog at large, fine $153 converted to 19 hours community service.

Vang Thao (52)  Sacramento.  Taking pigeons out of season.  Fine $535.

Frank Thomas (35) Marysville.  Driving while suspended with a prior conviction.  Three years probation, 6 days jail, fine $2166.

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