District Attorney Cases 12/19/12

Sierra County District Attorney

Lawrence R. Allen

District Attorney / Public Administrator



            Robert Holland (46) Loyalton.  After a contested preliminary hearing, Holland was ordered to stand trial on three felony counts and one misdemeanor charge of unlawful sex with a minor.  He remains free on $50,000 bail.

            Nicolle Bragdon (35) Loyalton.  Bragdon was convicted of driving under the influence with a prior conviction, and she violated her probation for domestic violence.  She was sentenced to 90 days in jail for driving under the influence, and 180 days jail for the violation of probation.  She was fined $3461, which was converted to 34 additional days in jail.  Her driver’s license was suspended for two years, and she was ordered to attend alcohol school.  Her probation was unsuccessfully terminated.

            Steve Gamble (50) Yuba City.  Hunting in the wrong zone.  Fine $632

            William Reynolds (54)  Sutter.  Hunting in the wrong zone.  Fine $632.

            Omaid Nawabi (19) Tracy.  Loaded firearm in vehicle.  Fine $632.

          Allison Gunier (42) Loyalton.  Two counts of allowing a dog to run at large.

           Fine  $302.

            William Ghidossi (45) Reno.  Failure to pay fine on driving while suspended conviction and failure to appear.  Converted to six days jail, and his probation was terminated.

            Elias Escamilla (45)  Sacramento.  Unlawful campfire.  Fine $620.

            Kenneth Couch (47) Loyalton. Reckless driving, alcohol related.  Eighteen months probation, 2 days jail, fine $1486, and must attend alcohol school.

            Trinidad Ledesma (24) Downieville.  After a contested preliminary hearing, Ledesma was ordered to stand trial on felony vandalism to the county jail.

            Walter Allen (67) Elk Groove.  Loaded firearm in a vehicle.  Fine $625.

            Frank Lister Jr.  (44) Loyalton.  Unlawful cutting of firewood.  Fine $632.

            Dennis Lockhart (55) Rio Linda.  Hunting in the wrong zone.  Fine $632.

            Farhart Amin (28) Sacramento.  After a trial by court, Amin was convicted of having an unplugged shot gun (capable of holding four or more shells in the magazine and chamber) in the field while hunting.  Fine $432.

            Bradley Bailey (43)  Reno.  Possession a controlled substance (prescription pills without the prescription).  Referred to drug diversion program.

             Barndon Lutes (42) Loyalton.  Sentencing on conviction of battery with force likely to cause serious bodily injury.  Three years probation, 41 days jail, fine $400, one year counseling in domestic battery program.

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