Don Russell Update

Thanks for all of your calls, care, and patient waiting. Don is doing as well as can be expected with a serious knee replacement operation. He was in the hospital from Tuesday the 4th until Friday the 7th. The doctor said “It couldn’t have gone better.” I picked him up in the afternoon, astoundingly unaware of the care he would need. For a guy who can’t remember the 60’s, Don hated the first drug he was prescribed. It made him cranky, didn’t want to do any of the required therapy, and yelled at me hourly. Hmm m…so you ask, what was different?
By Sunday afternoon we figured out he couldn’t tolerate the first drug, even though it helped him handle his pain quite well. I’m hoping for a good night tonight with the new, but not as strong, drug. If it works, his appetite will be better as well as his attitude (one can hope!).
I thought I should let you know that with everything required to take care of him, I really haven’t had time to talk. I’m so sorry about that. He hasn’t been talking to me, let alone answering the phone. So please know we love your messages and also please don’t feel snubbed. It has been a little hectic on this end. The meds seem to be working now, and he will definitely pay for this later. J
Love you all, Irene and The Donald
P.S. No cigarettes since Monday night. Keep your fingers crossed.

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