Doris Pratti Given Lion’s Life Award 11/7/12

11/7/12 A special meeting was held at the Roseville Host Lions Club to give the Lifetime Member of the Downieville Lions Club award to Doris Pratti. The honor is bestowed on a Lion by nomination and vote acknowledging the dedication and hard work of Doris Pratti since 1986. Doris had served as Club President, Treasurer, Secretary, Co-Chair of the Calendar Committee and right hand of Lion Al Pratti in the Christmas Tree Lot. A contingent from Downieville and Grass Valley to honor Doris made their way to Roseville included Lee Adams, Mike and Karen Galen, Liz Fisher and Tom Schumann, Will and Jean Clark, Paul and Carolyn Dean alongwith members of Doris’s  family and friends, daughter Helen and Chuck Warren, grandson Nick Warren and friends Linda & Paul Bojorques.

Downieville Lion President Mike Galen presents Lion Doris Pratti with her Life Membership Award.

Doris is delighted

Lions Liz Fisher, Mike & Karen Galan, Will & Jean Clark, Lee Adams, Rich, Tom Schumann, Paul & Carolyn Dean, and of course Doris Pratti

One thought on “Doris Pratti Given Lion’s Life Award 11/7/12

  1. She & Al were active with Salvation Army too. They helped me a lot when my family lived in Downieville. I still donate to Salvation Army every other month because of their help to my family through Salvation Army. Thanks Doris!

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