Doris Writes Letter About Peter 1/9/13



I just received Peter Huebner’s new book, Reaching for the Stars and Beyond. I don’t know if I can read his book, I just looked at a few pages and read what they said when the tears started and became more page after page.

Anyone who buys this book and says they know Peter, oh no they don’t, you may work with him, live next door or have lunch with him but until you read his book, you don’t know him. Peter, even in saying this tears come to me, because after all the years I have been with you and Louise I never knew you.

I only hope Sierra City and Downieville know how lucky they are in your being there. In a way we may now know, you will be rewarded. I will always feel blessed in knowing you.

Sincerely, Doris Pratti

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