Downieville Bear Cub Captured 1/23/13

1/23/13  There have been several calls to multiple county offices regarding the bear cub that has been seen throughout Downieville during the past month.

Downieville Bear Cub, missing Mom and no where to go.

Downieville Bear Cub, missing Mom and no where to go. Photo by Michele Foster

On Tuesday January 22 at approximately 5:00pm Sierra County Sheriff’s Office deputies, with the assistance of Fish & Game, safely captured the cub and it was later released to a Fish & Game wildlife biologist.

The Sheriff’s Office(SO)  currently has no further information and does not anticipate having any updates on the cub.  The SO primarily handles domestic animal issues only but intervened due to the potential risk to public safety.

Questions pertaining to this and any future wildlife concerns should be forwarded directly to Fish & Game.  Thank you and please feel free to pass on this information as there has been quite a bit of interest and concern for the cub.

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