Downieville Memorial Park 8/29/12

Thanks to the Sierra County Parks and Recreation program and with the help of the Sierra County Road Department, leadership of Public Works Director Tim Beals and most of all the volunteer efforts of Cy Rollins the Downieville Memorial Park has been restored and upgraded to a safe, interesting location for visitors.

According to Cy the Sierra County Road Crew deserves high praise for their part in the effort, “Mike Newfarmer did a lot of work getting this done, along with the rest of the crew.” Steve Fillo lent his Bandsaw and Bill Pangman donated the timbers for the Stamp Mill. See the photo gallery here.

Cy Rollins, ABB Ned Cusato, Mike Newfarmer and Bobby Burington at the Downieville Memorial Park Stamp Mill

Cy Rollins, playing it safe, atop the Stamp Mill directing placement of the wheel, (his wife might not be happy with this picture.)

Its in the details..

Details again, but this time Sideyard Supervisor Carol Marshall helps..


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