Downieville Museum News 11/21/12

David Marshall and Jane Hallman wait for Downieville Museum visitors to arrive..

Museum Volunteers were treated to an end of season dinner by the Native Daughters, who oversee the museum, at the Grubstake Saloon in Downieville. Reports on this year’s activity and plans for next year’s season were discussed along with a presentation by David Marshall on the renovation to the front upper section of the museum building by Rick Simi, attending the luncheon were Supervisor Lee Adams, Don McIntosh, David & Carol Marshall, Marian Lavezolla, Mike & Karen Galan, Tom & Julie Potter, Doug & Cory Peterman, Tom Schumann, and Liz Fisher. Jane Hallman missed the lunch cooked by world class Chef Don Potter and served by Mary K Potter and Laura (someday I will learn Laura’s last name as she is friendly and a great waitress).

Karen Galan, Don McIntosh, Lee Adams, Cory Peterman, Doug Peterman, the back of Tom Potter’s head and Tom Schumann’s hair and forehead in the foreground.

Back of Julie Potter and Doug Peterman’s head, Top of Tom Potter,s head, Tom Schumann, Mike Galan and Karen Galan.

Carol Marshall, Marian Lavezolla and David Marshall. Not shown in any picture is Liz Fisher.

2 thoughts on “Downieville Museum News 11/21/12

  1. I really miss the museum,and it’s great to see how well everyone is taking care ofthings! Does Jane still drive down upper main in the jeep?thanks for putting the pics in the prospect-kevel. P s happy holidays

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