Downieville School News 9/12/12

The Downieville School Principal, Derek Cooper, welcomed new 4th,5th,6th grade teacher Laura Salva and then presented Rising Above Awards,  to the following students.

Landon Jackson – a very diligent worker since day one in school. He even stays in at recess to finish his work. Landon does a good job and it shows!

Jacob Sainsbury: Jacob is a hard worker in his class and has also been a great help to the Kindegarten. He goes out of his way to make every Kindegartener feel welcome and he provides support and direction if they need extra help.

Mason Pangman for an Exceptional Attitude and Academic Performance

Hunter Davey: Exception Attitude and Academic Performance

Arroyo Campbell handling high school well and a great knowledge of history

Megan Parker: Mature and handling high school well

Karlee Bolle: Playing Volleyball and being well organized

Savannah Burr, Student Body President: Playing Volleyball and a full load of classes

Hannah Ford: Volleyball Captain, leadership role in Student Council, positive attitude

Principal Derek Cooper introduces Downieville Class of 2013 Hannah Ford, Riata Hester,Leslie Baker, Marie Ellsmore and Brian McDermid.

Hunter Davey, Landon Jackson, Jacob Sainsbury and Mason Pangman receive their Awards from Principal Cooper

Savannah Burr, Karlee Bolle, Arroyo Campbell and Hannah Ford receive their Awards, not pictured is Megan Parker.

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