Downieville Visitors

The Brodkins

Showing up on the Downieville Museum porch were Henry and Margaret Brodkin. Many of us will remember Dr. Brodkin from 1974 when he was sent here from the National Health Service to develop a clinic in Downieville. Margaret worked as the county Mental Health worker.  Henry established the Western Sierra Medical Clinic by remodeling an older house where it still resides and was here until 1976 when he suggested to the NHS the community might be better served with a Nurse Practitioner who would not be as limited in scope as a Physician without a hospital. The Brodkins left for San Francisco in June of 1976 and within days, Frank and Betty Jo Lang arrived to continue to develop  WSMC to the state of the art facility it is today.

In San Francisco Dr. Brodkin worked as a Physician of Internal Medicine with Kaiser Medical Facility until his recent retirement and now works for San Mateo County. Margaret has become a leader advocate. see  Child Advocate , for children in San Francisco having served as Director of Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth in San  Francisco. The Brodkins enjoyed visiting with JoAn Cochran and David Marshall reminiscing about good times and old friends. Henry continues to be in touch with old friend and well known local novelist Bill Pieper and misses many of his Downieville friends.

Margaret and Henry now have two sons, Jesse, who has a PHD in Neuroscience  and Aaron who works in television production developing reality shows, they have one granddaughter and three grandsons. They are came up for the day from Nevada City where Henry will play the Trombone at July 29 Nevada County Band Invite .

Margaret and Dr. Henry Brodkin at the Downieville Museum


The Costas

 Betty Vilas’s cousin Mike Costa was walking around town with Enid Costa, Mike was wishing he could get the Mountain Messenger delivered to Mazatlan, Mexico where he now resides.

Enid Costa and Mike Costa in front of Sierra Hardware…


Potter Visitors

Don and Mary Kay Potter had well prepared visitors this weekend, outfitted with fishing poles, gold panning, swimming and enjoying the town are D’Artagnan Lloyd and kids Rocket and Marina from El Sobrante.

Rocket, D’Artagnan and Marina prepared for Downieville fun.

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