DVL Lion’s Learn About Bolivia 4/10/13


The Downieville Lion’s Club were given a presentation on life in Bolivia by Candy Corcoran.  Candy, a former Bolivian lives in Downieville with her husband Gus, who teaches at Downieville Schools and their two sons, Thor and Finn have embraced the life in the rural mountain town with a passion.

The presentation included photos of when Gus served as a Peace Corp member in Bolivia and where the couple met. She also brought a traditional alpaca sweater and a piece of silver jewelry, silver is one of the main ores and financial basis in Bolivia.

Candy Corcoran presentation to Downieville Lions Club.

Candy Corcoran gives  Bolivia presentation to Downieville Lions Club.

She spoke about the different cultures between the native Bolivia Indians and the Spanish and about the disparate classes based on financial income. She mentioned although Bolivia has a plethora of natural assets the country is one of the poorest and has the least ability to provide water, healthcare, transportation and general infrastructure to those living outside a main city.

Candy described living in Downieville as a warm, friendly, welcoming environment and stressed how lucky we are as Americans to have an honest government and readily available clean water. Her talk was very well received with lots of question and interest from the audience.

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  1. What an excellent presentation! I was fascinated and felt so fortunate to be there to hear it. What a charming young lady. Thank you again to all the Lions who let me attend.

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