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8/15/12  In My Opinion

I try to avoid my own personal prejudices when posting articles from other writers, but every now and then I feel the need to say something, so here it is. I think owning a gun is okay. I don’t really know why anyone needs a gun. If you must hunt for your food, that may be different. I am sure if I got to the point of starvation I might kill an animal to survive, to feed my family and myself.

Hunting for the thrill of “bagging a buck” is just hard to understand. I have close friends and loved ones who hunt or have hunted, one time I asked my beloved why he hunts, he said it wasn’t for the adrenaline rush at pulling the trigger, but more about tracking and finding the animal and getting them in the gun sight, so I asked why he couldn’t do exactly the same, but carry a camera, he just looked at me. I have to say; as he grew older he still went hunting but stopped making the shot.

Another thing I never understood was the justification that it was good for the species (bear, deer, moose). No one ever hunts for the sick and the weakly, no- it is the big and the best they want to kill. How can that help the species? And then there is the argument, they’re only animals, they don’t feel or think like we do, they’re dumb, they don’t know what is going on. Okay, if that is a valid reason for killing something, then what else can we justify killing.

Which of course leads me to nations and nuclear weapons and forms of war craft. Where does it begin, when we think killing other humans will solve problems, is it picking up the first gun, playing violent video games or what? I don’t know how we evolved to be so smart about so many things and so vicious and dumb about killing another living thing.

This all began when my grandmother, half Mohawk Indian, taught me to never kill anything, even an ant, everything has a right to life. You can imagine what torture my kitchen is for me in the spring when ants begin their journey for food. My rule for spiders is; if I can’t see you, you’re safe to live your life, if I see you and can move you outside, you’re okay, but if you persist in being present, the cat will probably eat you.

I am pretty old, have lived many years, even working in an environment where most everyone else carried a gun, I had to train in weapons use; I was in the Army as a medic. I have never owned a gun; I have never needed to protect myself with a gun. Now that you know this, please don’t shoot me.

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