EPHC Needs Our Help! 2/6/13

Eastern Plumas Health Care Press Release
To All EPHC Supporters:

As many of you know, our Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) are once again under the threat of massive MediCal cuts–and, 91% of our SNF patients are on MediCal. These cuts would mean a loss of $2.4 million this year and $1.3 million ongoing. In addition, the state of CA (through Assembly Bill 97) is making these cuts retroactive to June 1, 2011, meaning they plan to take back money they’ve already paid to us. These cuts are so extreme, they force EPHC to consider closing the Loyalton SNF, taking no more MediCal patients in our Portola SNF, and struggling to see that we don’t have to close the entire hospital. If EPHC were to close, causing 250 employees to lose their jobs, this entire community (both Eastern Plumas and Sierra Counties) would be in jeopardy. Please join with us in signing this petition to let our elected officials and Toby Douglas, (the Dir. of Health Care Services for CA, and the man charged with implementing these cuts) that our residents, their families, our hospital, and our community, will be in grave danger should these cuts be implemented.

You will have to cut and paste the petition into your browser window.

For continuing news on the skilled nursing cuts, you can go to the newsfeed on  www.ephc.org.

If you have trouble accessing this petition, have questions regarding this issue, or would like to know how else you can help, please contact Linda Satchwell, lsatchwell@ephc.org; 530.832.6597.

Thank you for your continued support of Eastern Plumas Health Care!

Tom Hayes, CEO

Please join this campaign:

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