From the Bench 11/14/12


Lee Adams spends time at the Lion’s Christmas Tree Lot at Downieville Motors.

The Beaver Hat deserves recognition… wearing it is the Holidork..

Old time residents come back to Downieville to buy their Christmas trees each year.

UBP Lodhi catches Liz setting up for Salvation Army Bell Ringers…


Tom Schumann rings the bell at the Christmas Tree Lot by Downieville Motors


Sierra County Road Dept recycles pavement grindings to coat Lavezolla road

Truck and Cat ballet in the act..

No more dusty roads..

Almost done..

The Grader grades…

Patty Gingg’s son…

Jack & Lynn Berndt’s daughter…



Two Rivers Cafe offered free pizza every time the Downieville school team won the game….. Here they are having fun after they won the last home game…..great job girls



Sidewalk Superintendents Jack Marshall, Linda Marshall and Carol Marshall are spotted by OBP David Marshall.


Humayoon Lodhi shows his giant tee shirt received for being part of the walk to help end global poverty on Sunday, October 14 at the annual San Francisco Partnership Walk

CalTrans gives Hywy 49 in downtown Downieville a facelift.

This work isn’t easy.


Today’s technology in road paving is amazing…



Thank you for these pics to OBP David Marshall



10/10/12  Will Clark of Smoothieville eating his own profits directly from a five gallon tub of Crystal Ice Cream, “only in Downieville” says UBP Humayoon Lodhi


9/26/12  Once again Downieville is the place to be if you have a problem, like a broken axel on an RV. The wheel hub broke on the motor home of some visitors who were on their way home to Santa Rosa.  They asked Jack & Linda Marshall if they knew if anyone here who did welding. Jack & Linda took them to Josh Behlke, who let them use his welding tank (as one of the visitors is a master welder).   It took about one hour from the time they asked Jack & Linda for help to the time they were able to pull out of Downieville. Photos by OBP Dave Marshall.

Visitors repair their recreational vehicle with the help of on-lookers Jack Marshall and Tom Schumann

Jack Marshall continues to help.



9/19/12  One never knows who the Bench People will see in Downieville, interesting folks past by everyday, sometimes we get a picture and sometimes we miss out, but here is one interesting bus that popped by, you can see more here Maui Ski Bus

Maui Ski Bus

Nuff said..

9/9/12 Carol Marshall reports that On Saturday night the Bench Group was joined by seven out of towners who love Downieville, six of the guys joined the bench sitters and the seventh, Patrick McDonagh became another UBP and took the picture.

On the bench oldies Linda, Carol, Barbara, Gail, David, Jack, Tom , Gary and Rick, the newbies are interspersed amongst the oldbies… newbies are Jay Brown, Mindin, NV, Ken Burns, Upland.CA Jeff Yau, Allso Viejo, Chris Galbo, Yorba Linda, Keven Ziegler, Yorba Linda, John Pezzetti, Londonderry, New Hampshire  Photo by Patrick McDonagh of Lake Forest.

9/3/12 Labor Day Weekend in Downieville – The Merchants of Downieville and the Downieville Volunteer Fire Dept and Downievile Fire Auxiliary deserve Gold Stars for all the fun events they served up for everyone locals, visitors and tourists. A spectacular fun weekend. If you missed it this year make sure you are here next year. SCP Special Recognition Awards go to Kathy Whitlow and Fire Chief Lee Brown, they could both be seen roaming up and down Main St at a fast clip making sure everything was running smoothly all day Saturday and Sunday, the Trash Gordon Street Dance on Saturday night was fun for all ages, toddlers to elders were out there tapping their feets. Good family fun all weekend. Many thanks to photographers Mary Davey, Lee Adams and David Marshall.

Wells Fargo Stagecoach approaches Downieville on Highway 49.

County Supervisor Lee Adams and Wells Fargo Coach Boss Paul Fellingham ride into town.

Wells Fargo Stagecoach travels down to loading station, where a line of eager riders waited there turn.
The Wells Fargo Stagecoarch passes by the Downieville Museum during Gold Rush Days.


Lion Mary Ervin and Lion President Mike Galan serve up burgers at the booth.

Judge Charles Ervin and little old winekeeper cowboy Will Clark monitor Lions’ booth

Sheriff John Evans and wife Hayley round up son Karston and friends Damien, Jackson, Braden, Greyson and Ethan to board the stagecoach.

Sheriff John Evans and wife Hayley with son Karston and friends Damien, Jackson, Braden, Grayson and Ethan.

Wells Fargo Bank employees, Tessa Jordan and Mindy Strine man the steps to enter the stagecoach.


Emily from Santa Cruz dressed in Gold Rush garb signs in at the Downieville Museum.

Bad Actors led by Jeff Koch looking for trouble in Downieville, soon found their gunfight.


Enid Costa Williams takes a break from leading her Walking Tours of Downieville.



8/29/12 Cy Rollins has been spending many hours as a volunteer along with the County road crew helping Sierra County Parks and Recreation program make the Downieville Memorial Park a safe, and entertaining place to visit. See story in this edition on the Downieville Memorial Park.

Cy Rollins caught in the act of volunteering at the park.

At the Downieville School the need to replace a swing offered the opportunity to upgrade to a swing which any child, including a child with a disability would be able to have fun on the new ADA swing. Thanks to the work of David Marshall, Stan Hardeman, Derek Cooper and with the able assistance of Bernie Stringer the new swing was installed this week, just in time for the school year. Photos by OBP David Marshall.

Jessie and Sierra Folsom with Mason and Tanner Pangman try out the new swing.

Jesse pushes sister Sierra as Mason and Tanner wait there turn.

Jesse and Tanner being boys..


Meanwhile up the street at the Downieville Museum Docents David Marshall and Jane Hallman visit while waiting for tourists.

Docents David Marshall and Jane Hallman at the Downieville Museum.
Photo by UBP Lodhi

8/22/12  Annual visitors to the Bench this week were Jim Taylor and his brother Bud Taylor and sister-in-law Louise with Grandson Adam enjoying time with Tommy Smith, Marian Lavezolla Kinzler, and bench regulars Barbara Seley, Carol Marshall, and Freddy on Tommy Gingg’s lap.


Jean and Will Clark beat the heat in front of one of their shops, The Attic” in Downieville

Tommy and Patty Gingg with Tom Schumann and Liz Fisher
enjoy dinner at Two Rivers , Freddy is under the table.

8/8/12  Yukon Adams, Retired Sheriff/current District 1 Supervisor Lee Adams and present day Sheriff John Evans stop by to visit the bench people in Downieville.

Yukon, Supervisor Adams and Sheriff Evans

8/8/12 Lodhi and Naseem visit their “Bench People” on the porch of the Downieville Grocery Store. Photo taken by VUBP Lee Adams. So far the bench has three photographers, Official Bench Photographer (OBP) David Marshall, Unofficial Bench Photographer (UBP) Humayoon Lodhi and Very Unofficial Bench Photographer (VUBP) Lee Adams.

Cute couple, UBP Lodhi and wife Naseem

8/5/12 After a great bike weekend Will from the 49er Wine shop enjoying the hotdogs from smoothieville “comfort food” as his wife is in bay area.

Will and dog from Smoothieville
Photo by UBP Lodhi


8/4/12  According to UBP Lodhi,  Downieville resident  Matt Wilson wants to be a bicyclist and is just starting on his training bike

Matt Wilson in training.

8/1/12   The present day bench folks on the Downieville Grocery Store Porch Bench. Missing is OBP David and UBP Lodhi.

Rick, Jack, Linda, Tommy, Gail, Carol, Barbara, Liz, Patty and Freddy the Dog



Carol Marshall and grandchildren Mason and Tanner Pangman with Emma Scholes enjoying ice cream on the porch of Downieville Museum while Grandpa David entertains museum visitors…

Mason, Carol, Tanner, Emma


7/25/12 From the Bench

Strange weird things have been happening in Downieville this past week. There was a sighting of John and Jan Parrish in town from Texas visiting Jan Hamilton and friends and picking up some things from Steve Fisher. I wonder if they miss us as much as we miss them?

Ann “Troublemaker” Shaffer, now married to William Neal was in town with her daughter Cynthia Bradford and grandson Chase Ludlow.  Ann and her hubby now live in Rio Vista and Cynthia wanted Chase to get a feel for Downieville, the town she remembers from childhood visits. Ann moved here to live with her grandmother, Grace Shaffer in 1942 and remembers when the St Charles Hotel burned down, she also remembered Sidney Strand as her teacher and Linda Marshall’s mother helping her brother with his speech impediment.  They are staying at the Riverside Inn and having a wonderful time.

The strangest doing was last week when a young lady knocked on Carol and David Marshall’s door and asked if her boyfriend could take a picture of the Cox Bar house as he had lived there as a child until the 4th grade. Carol told them of course, but as she went in the house she suddenly remembered “the Bible”. Twenty years ago or so, Carol found a family bible on one of the bookshelves in the house. She looked at the names and found Harold Costa and Karen Hall listed with their wedding date inscribed. Carol checked with all the Costa’s in town but they claimed no kinship, Carol also searched on the Internet to no avail. But last week something made her take the bible and ask the man taking the picture if he knew of Harold Costa, the man said, “well, that’s my name.” Carol said “but this is to long ago to be you”, and as the man looked at the bible he realized Harold and Karen were his parents and it was their family bible. Now it is his, as Carol gave it to him. What a nice story, and so odd and strange and weird, but then this is Downieville.

There have been reports that Lorna Rosell from Doyle, who works for Knife River occasionally enjoys an ice cream cone from Smoothieville in between making sure those huge double semi’s filled with asphalt make it through town and over the bridge safely. I’ve noticed there are no speeders when Lorna is on duty, thank you Ma’am and it’s nice to have a company like Knife River in town, I know both Downieville and Sierra City enjoy the boon to the local economy and the employees are all so nice. I wonder if the Knife River is as nice as the Downie and Yuba Rivers…

Lorna Rosell by OBP David Marshall

Official Bench Photographer {OBP) David Marshall spots wrecked truck being towed on its final trip down Hywy 49.


Unofficial Bench Photographer Lodhi captured scenes from the life of a retired grocer
Official Bench Photographer David Marshall strolled across the bridge to capture the new Sierra County Courthouse cannons
6/29/12 The Bench Folks were informed by Mason Pangman that a baby owl was resting on the Downieville School Playground. Immediately cameras were found and a group gathered to take pictures. The Owl flew to the pavement after a brief interaction with the fence. It eventually flew into a tree and everyone was happy the “baby” was able to fly. Marilyn Tierney, District Biologist with TNF happened onto the scene and identified the Owl as a full grown adult Pygmy Owl as she viewed the photo taken by Humayoon Lodhi, honorary bench crew member.


Steve Halverson of Grass Valley waits for the tow truck after blowing a head gasket on his trip to Downieville. Steve built his racecar with plywood and sheet metal on a 1922 Model T Speedster frame, a replica of a 20’s race car. Steve has four Model T’s, 2 Model A’s and a 28 Chevy, three of them are street worthy. When Steve isn’t working on his cars he runs Viking Roof Services in Grass Valley and American Family Chiropractic in Nevada City and yes, he has heard all the jokes.

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  1. Hi Downieville!
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    Thanks for the memories.

  2. My grandson and I, my brother Bud and wife Louise were on the bench 8/17/12.
    We enjoyed the company of many friends.
    A yearly gathering for us

  3. I love the bench! I know it will be a hit and a great out of county draw!
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