Happy Thanks Gabbing

By Gobble Fringette

Its turkey day time again, one of the many times of year when people flock to the stores like poultry; when the wallets of commercial every thing grow fat like a Foster Farm bird.

WARNING: this is not historically accurate. In the case of this Gabby, don’t believe a word I say. Except these ones.

There may be an old legend that the pilgrims were out of musket balls, and were starving, and since it was November, it was cold and the cranberries were frozen. So they shot frozen cranberries at turkeys which linked turkey and cranberries to this very day.  Or so the old ones say.

But now instead of very berry musket balls we have goin’ over to granny’s house for some good old yams and salmonella from under-cooked turkey.

Thanksgiving is different every year.  One year, for example, your brother could bring a prospective wife, and the secret ingredient in the stuffing could give her an allergic reaction (who knew someone could be allergic to possum).   Maybe when you all got back from the stomach pumper the dead-beat cousin stole 50$ from the fiancé’s handbag, drank all the wine, barfed on her coat and lays passed out under the table, drooling and occasionally farting. I’m sure this has happened to you.

Or maybe granny got drunk and told your big mouth aunt she and grandpa were cousins, and that’s why you can’t go back to Missouri.  Big mouth told the two-year-old the secret, figuring the kid couldn’t make heads nor’ tails, and no harm could come of it.

To stray away from the wacky things, let’s remember that thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, and let’s try to remember that holy day when Chief Peeping Tom taught the pilgrims how to heat up cranberries.

Happy thanks Gabbing!




Higher self VS lower self

By Gabby Fringette

We humans have three selves, higher self (HS), lower self

(LS), and the Outcome. The Outcome is the one gets yelled at, the one that takes the rap while HS and LS struggle for control. Outcome is highly susceptible to the power of suggestion for good or bad.

    Here are a few examples:

After making a batch of brownies (I assure you they were good),

I went into the bathroom to wash my hands.  LS was very pleased to find brother had left his underwear in the bathroom.

I found myself looking at my gooky hands, and then to my brother’s undies. “Well” said LS, “we seem to have only one choice.  Smear brownie mix on the under pants and leave them in the toilet, or possibly the sink.”  HS, of course knew the right thing to do.  “Why, would you want to touch a boy’s undies? Its gross, plus its mean.”  LS spoke again. “I could be swayed to leave it on the edge of the toilet.”

By the embarrassed look on my brother’s face, its not hard to tell I succumbed to LS and her idea.  My brother said it wasn’t poo, but he refused to taste it to verify.

Last summer after I had chased the goats out of the orchard with water balloons, my brother came out to play. I had one balloon left.  As tempted as I was to shout “here catch” and fling it at him, a feeling of serenity came over me as HS punched LS, breaking the mischief spell.

After that, we found a dead screaming beetle. That wound up in some wired places.  HS said it was cool, she said we could keep it if we didn’t use it to scare any one.  We put it in a mint tin. That worked to the advantage of LS.  First we gave it to my brother, when he opened it, he screamed, dropping it.  Next we put it in my sister’s jewelry box.  When she pulled the drawer open, it shook the bug, making it look alive.  She slammed the drawer shut, and screamed.  By the time it got to mom’s pencil case, she wanted us to get rid of it. But we had found two more.  One was for the Outcome, who put it in a little box.  One for HS who gave it to our teacher who loved odd things like that.  But LS’s bug is still around some where.

The three of me have had a disagreement as to what we should end this gabby with.  LS said a dirty joke, HS said I should wish you luck,

But I just think we should run.



What is a “peer”?

By Gabby Fringette 

A ‘peer’ some one of your age group, class and geography.

Humans are very social animals, like wolves or chickens.  A single human, chicken, or wolf, is a lonely, bored, unhappy, human/chicken/wolf. Why are we like this?  It’s in our brain.  Your brain knows that there is safety in numbers, also the opportunity for a mate, or resources.

Here are four questions and they’re answers about peer pressure.

What is a “peer group”?

A congregation of individuals who share those attributes of age class and geography. Even adults have peer pressure, and peer groups.

Why do “peers” group together?

  1. All humans are social
  2. There is a developmental component
  3. People are segregated by age in our culture
  4. Opportunity for social resources.

How does “Peer pressure” work?

  1. The need to belong, most of the peer pressure is from inside you.
  2. If you had different ideas and beliefs than those of the group then you would likely eventually no longer be part of the group.
  3. Peer pressure affects people of all ages (except for 2 year olds and 102 year olds).

Like I said above, a lonely human is an unhappy human.

Is the outcome always bad?

Sometimes it is bad (going to parties and then driving home drunk), sometimes neutral (let’s go play basket ball!), and even often good (there are some corporations in Japan that use peer pressure to get they’re workers to have pride and joy in there work).

You may think you are impervious to peer pressure, but in truth, nobody is.  Like I said above, peer pressure often drives you to do neutral things, like play basketball. Most of the time they don’t even try to pressure you, they go and you follow. Enjoy your peer pressure.



A Naughty Question, Why are Kids ‘Maturing’ Faster Than Past Years?
By Gabby Fringette

Ever wonder why the buttons are popping off your 12 year old daughter’s shirts, or why your 13 year old nephew can’t sing soprano on Silent Night any more?
Kids are hitting puberty earlier and scientists don’t know why, but there are some ideas floating around. My guess is hormones in our food.  FDA says its ok to use certain kinds of hormones on beef, pig, chicken and sheep and even turkeys.  There are hormones that make animals grow faster and some that make cows produce more milk and some that make hens produce more eggs. And then when we eat these animal products some of the hormones spur on puberty, and once it starts, the only way to stop it is with more chemicals.

It’s easy to see that puberty is starting early for girls, but how did they find data from boys?  All the articles said the people determined that boys were starting puberty early because of testicular growth. So who measured all of those boys? Did the school nurse do it, or did someone go door to door?

Another possible candidate for girls and boys starting puberty early is nutrition.  On the one hand, girls and boys who get plenty of food hit puberty earlier than those who don’t.  But beyond a healthy point, fat has estrogen, an important hormone, so obese girls start puberty earlier and obese boys start puberty later than slimmer boys.

Of course, genetics have a large role to play. It has to do with breast or testicular size, and even the age at which puberty occurs.

You should still eat healthy, cut the visible fat off your meat, and cut down on dairy, and that should lessen the hormones you take in, because they have also been linked with cancer.   That’s good advice for people of both genders and every age.


Good night bowl of cereal
10/17/12  By Gabby Fringette

Have you noticed being tired? Nearly 40% of Americans complain of being tired.  Now, there is a connection between sleep and food.
If you feel hungry before bed, you should eat!  But you should avoid heavy meals or alcohol.  Although alcohol makes you drowsy, it lasts only half the night.  You should also avoid sugary things and caffeine, because they stimulate the brain, making it hard to fall asleep.

Some cold and headache remedies have caffeine in them, avoid those.  What you should eat is a bowl of high fiber cereal.  Nothing with a lot of sugar though. The milk on the cereal is good for you too because it contains calcium; they both contain meletonain, which helps you sleep. The fiber takes a long time to digest, so your stomach acid has something to do other that give you heart burn.

Sleep is also important to the quality of work you do, and your mood.  A person who got a good night’s sleep will be confident, up beat, and will generally make fewer mistakes. Someone who only slept four hours will make more mistakes, will be easily upset, and will be generally in a worse mood. You need to get enough sleep; if you don’t, that might lead to depression. If you get too much then that might lead to depression. It’s all about finding the perfect balance.
Give your head a rest and your gizzard something to do at night, sweet dreams!


Statistics- How to Lead and Mislead

By Gabby Fringette 10/10/12

In the news there are health studies, political information, and on and on. Most of these things have graphs, statistics, and numbers. Sometimes they are accurate, but some times they’re just one hundred percent bull by-product.   It can be hard to tell.

With pie charts, watch out if the numbers don’t ad up to a hundred. ‘Percent’ mean ‘per-hundred’. Also watch out for bar and line graphs that don’t have zero as a base line. Another trick is to make one figure twice as wide and twice as high to indicate its twice as big as the first when it is actually four times as large.

Although, sometimes the people who provide the statistics are just misinformed, sometimes they mislead on purpose.

Maybe they didn’t get they’re info from a big enough sample or the wrong sample. Like in a study done They just assumed that of every average household with credit cards had $9,300 credit card debit.  They also assumed that every one who said they had less debit than that was lying.

This is a comic from shows how statistics, even when they are accurate, can mislead.

Another way of misleading with statistics can be to not include all of your data.

Advertising lies to us with statistics a lot too.  Here is an interesting case: Susan G Koman leader of a big breast cancer prevention foundation used false statistics to sell mammograms.  She said that women who catch it early would have a 98% chance of surviving. But only a 23% chance of surviving if it is caught too late.  She said something about a five-year period, and if the cancer is not dealt with after the mammogram, you die after five years.  That would work if a 65-year-old had it when she had a mammogram, and died at 70.

At election time there are many statistics. Many of them are true but still misleading.  Going around the web is a statistic that says that 92.3% of all jobs lost during Obama’s presidency had been held by women.  This was only true if you subtracted apples from oranges, but technically it is a true statistic, it just doesn’t mean what it seems to.  The percentage of jobs lost by women is usually about the same as the percentage of women in the work force.

We should all think very carefully when some one presents us with statistics.  It is easy to be misled!


How to eat in my house
10/3/12  By Gagging Fringette

Most people who’ve had my dad’s food think its great.  He does cook like that too. Most of the time. But despite the sausage and lasagna, there have been, ‘improvisations’.   Some times he makes food that is good, but when he makes it again, it has gone from ‘tasty’ to ‘like it or not’.  You do not want to be on the ‘like it or not’ end of that stick.  Some times we have run out of ingredients, and that is when the ‘improvisations’ have begun.  Nothing was worse than the ‘potato salad concoction’ of ‘09.  We were out of mayonnaise, celery, and I’m not sure we even had potatoes.  I’m not sure what he used to substitute things, but I’m hoping that it was catsup that made it red.  He was wearing a Band-Aid.

After that we made it clear that if you run out of more than one ingredient, don’t improvise, make some thing else.

He still experimented on us.  He bragged once he could make sausage from anything, and for awhile, whenever a fox or a coon would show prints in the yard, shortly after we would have sausages that were gamy, stringy, and filled with yummy chunks of lead.

There was his attempt to go” vegetarian”. Although, I’m not sure a slug is a vegetable.

It’s not just the ingredients.  He started cooking before fire was fully understood, and he still doesn’t quite get it yet, so he burns things.  He also doesn’t get that certain items in the cutlery drawer aren’t edible.  As it turns out, spoons don’t get soft when baked in a cake.

But thankfully, nothing he’s cooked has turned out to be fatal.  To either  us or the live stock we’ve thrown it out to. (Although, we still don’t know why that goat died. Or where it went.)


Trick or Treat?

9/26/12  By Gabby Fringette

When you’re a kid, Halloween means cute costumes, foam decorations, and most of all, getting candy.

For single adults, it means putting on costumes that make you seem more attractive and getting drunk with friends. But where am I? I’m not nine and about to dress up like a witch and beg for Whoppers and Laffy Taffy. But I’m definitely not 26 and about to put on a wonder woman costume and do shots with single guys.

I think I’m too old for trick or treating, but I’ll have to think about what I’m losing.  My brother says the candy, but there is much more to it than that.  The candy is cheap, full of artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup, if I want some candy, I’ll buy my own. It’s more philosophical than that, trick or treating is a symbol of child hood, that’s why parents take they’re kids trick or treating.

I still like dressing up, and I like candy, but I just think I’m too old. I just can’t decide if I’m ready to give up that symbol of child hood.

I’m too young for even teen parties, so what am I going to do while my siblings are getting candy?   Hand out candy to kids who are young enough to trick or treat?  How boring.   I suppose I could make decorations, and the costumes for my siblings, I can do many things to busy my self, but I got so excited about Halloween, and now I won’t go trick or treating.  Part of it is the symbolism and the philosophical element, but the other part is its fun. The costumes, scary stories, decorations, I’m willing to be called a child to be part of that.


WARNING… Don’t be eating lunch while reading this… (to late for the editor)

Poop does what?!

9/19/12 By (a way grossed out) Gabby Fringette

As I was flipping through this month’s Discovery magazine, I was intrigued by the word ‘poop’.   Most people think that poop is a “waste” of time; as it turned out, poop can be used to treat colitis, caused by a potentially deadly microbe called Clostridium Difficile.

Now, this is the first time I have ever heard of C .Difficuile,

I’ve also never heard of poop transplants.  The donor is normally a healthy relative or close friend, they are given a laxative, so they poop they’re brains out, (hopefully not literally), then the poop is mixed into a puree, and given to the patient by either a enema or through a colonoscopy or a nasogastric tube.  Ether way, the person gets poop syrup pumped through some or another orifice.  Not much fun.

But what about the antibiotics? As it turns out, they don’t work to well.  Not only do they kill good bacteria, but 20% of those infected will get it again, and 35% of them will get it again more than once, and 65% of them will get it again more than twice.

How ever, this will not be used very commonly until the microbes in the healthy poop are examined.  Our guts are homes to millions of different bacteria, some of it good, but some of it bad.

But doctors think that colitis is caused by a lack of healthy ecosystems in the gut, and there are more bad microbes than good, but when the healthy poop is put in, the balance is restored.   Unlike those who got antibiotics, people who received the poop treatment didn’t get colitis again.

I think that the best hope for this operation is to convince people that it’s a chocolate milk shake.


I’m Still Eating Wheat

9/12/12 By Gabby ’ahh, to heck with it’ Fringette

Recently I was on the Internet and I read this interesting article on wheat. A cardiologist named William Davis, MD wrote the article.

He wrote a book named: Wheat Belly.  He also has a blog called The Wheat Belly blog.  In this blog he says that the wheat we eat today is different than that of 50 years ago.  He says it is now a semi dwarfed GMO plant that produces ten-fold as much as the old wheat did. He also said it had a protein called Gliadin. He said an American who consumes this wheat get 400 calories more than when they ate wheat 50 years ago. Also that this makes you fat.

I myself think this is just a passing fancy.  I have found no other research to support this, and plus, he’s a Cardiologist, what makes him think he has any authority on this? He might have done research on this, but we don’t know.   I’m still going to eat wheat. I’ve eaten it all my life, and I’m still a little skinnier that other kids my age.  Of course, I’m Gabby Fidget. And I tend to balance wheat with other food.

If you ask me, you should eat less wheat, but you can continue eating it. Part of it is the other things in the wheat, artificial sweeteners, sodium, fat, things that there was less of 50 years ago. We should cut down on those things like Twinkies, packaged cookies, frozen corn dogs, and cup noodles with the flavor already mixed in.

So, good bye, and its your call to eat wheat.

It is time to stuff you with stuffed squash

By Gabby Fringette
Its fall, well, late summer. If you have a garden, then you probably have squash. If you have a few squash plants that have gone un-picked, then you have giant squash.  And what do you do with giant squash? You eat it!
For the main course, a mouth watering stuffed giant squash, for it you need:
  1. A giant squash, of course.
  2. Sausage, any kind you want.
  3. Cheese, lots of it, cheddar works well.
  4. Black beans, just add them in if they are canned, or cook then first if thy are dried.
  5. Corn, frozen or fresh, but not on the cob.
What to do:
Cut the squash length ways, and scoop out seeds, place in bowl for later use. Cook the sausage, and cut into small pieces. Put the squash into a deep pan, then put the squash innards into the pan around the squash. Then put on the corn, sausage and beans, and then the cheese.  Bake until the squash is soft.
Serves: it depends on how big the squash is, and how much your guests will eat.
But what about desert? If you have a berry patch that hasn’t already been eaten by birds or visitors, you could make a jam like substance.
What you need:
  1. Berries, blue berries, raspberries, black berries, strawberries, it doesn’t matter what kind as long as it’s edible.
  2. A little bit of sugar.
What to do:
Put berries in bowl, and put bowl into microwave for a few minutes, then mash the berries, and add sugar to taste. Then put in the fridge to cool.
Serves: it depends how much you like it.
Next on the list is some thing to drink.
What you need:
  1. Some plain yogurt.
  2. Some jam from the recipe above.
  3. Milk, enough to make it as liquid as you like.
  4. Ice cream if you have it.
What to do:
Put all of the ingredients in a blender and mush.
Chill in the fridge, and serve with a straw.
Serves: depend how much you make.
That is the last of the summer recipes, I got to go, my jam needs mashing.


The self in Social Space: Making sense of demographic variables

 8/29/12 by Gabby Fringette

Our lives are determined by demographic variables. They decide the course of your life.

Demographics are the study of people through statistics. The demographics that make up how people judge you are very important; they vary in importance depending on where you are.

The variables are:

  1. Gender.  In many societies women are considered below men, in some, men and women are equal; most societies do distinguish between men and women.
  2. Age. We have generally less value when older, because we have no reproductive value.
  3. Socio-economic status. Very important, one of the things people judge you most on, whether your upper class, lower socio-economic status or upper or lower middle socio-economic status  For an example, some one who’s parents can afford to send them to an ivy league collage will have a better chance of getting a well paying job than someone who went to a state collage.
  4. Educational level, and the college you attend are very closely related to class.
  5. Race/ethnicity: Biologists say that there aren’t races, that it is just a social construction, but in most places it is very important.  Ethnicity, is your culture, and very important,
  6. Physical attractiveness. It is what many people are judged on, for an example; taller men will get better paying jobs.
  7. Marital Status.  Single mothers are among the poorest adults; single people pay more taxes.  In some places, a woman can’t leave her father until she marries.
  8. Religion.  In some places it is essential to have the right religion. People find friends and social contacts.
  9. Geographic location. There are many differences between being a woman in the U.S. and being a woman in rural India.

Our status in the variables change.  For most people, gender does not change, but, for example, when a woman ages, the meaning of being “female” changes.  Marital status also changes several times in your life. Some variables are associated, such as education and SES, and religion and ethnicity.

To understand our place in social space, we need to understand the variables that make up how others judge us, and how we think of our selves, so the variables are more than tools of demographers, they are the under pinnings of the social world.   It can be use full to think of your self  in social space.

The self in two dimensional space, longitude and latitude:



8/22/12  By Gabby Fringette

Craftsmanship.  The Old Man said I have to work on my Craftsmanship, which is attention to detail, and the skill that the craftsman has but not the average person.  Judging from his lecture, I gather that craftsmanship in writing is a certain amount BS and fancy words.
Here is some Craftsmanship.
Instead of saying:
“I pooped my self when I saw a live T-rex.”
You say:
“A strong odor and brown stain on the back of my pants appeared with the live Tyrannosaurs Rex.”
And maybe instead of saying:
“My dog ate my homework”
 You could say:
“My dog became a herbivore when I set down my algebra homework.”
Instead of:
“Yesterday I tripped on a marble and I fell on my butt”
You could say:
“I discovered a marble and picked it up with my posterior end.”
Instead of asking:
“Was it cold out?”
You should say:
“I take it from the three foot icicle running down your nose its cold out.” When he thaws and it turned out to be more nose than icicle, the proper thing to do is excuse your self.
Instead of  saying:
“The Old Man talks a lot”
I could say:
“The Old Man shares his knowledge generously,  and the great amount he knows is exceeded only by the great amount he imagines he knows.”
There you go, Craftsmanship.



A poetic plea to push the start of school farther back

By Gabby Fringette
There is less than a week of summer break left.  Those wonderful minutes of pink and gold sunset before the world of swimming pools and lemonade is plunged into the darkness of homework.  The time when the spelling book hunts you and-oh, god forbid- the deadlines creep up, and if you rush to get done, and you mess up, then the bad grades get mailed in for the kill.
But I sill have about a week.  I have some money, I could go to the Dollar store to warship consumerism and get some M&Ms and generic cookies.  Or I could go to the public library and get all the dragon novels I can find. I could go yard sale hunting and buy six zillion cute dresses.
I could do all those thing, except for one problem.   I have a cold! All my plans were flushed down the toilet the second I coughed, along with a ton of soggy snotrags.  Bye bye M&Ms and cookies, my throat hurts too much to eat you.  Sorry yard salers, I can’t go, my nose would probably run snot all over the clothes.
It’s a coughing cold, called the crud, when you get it you cough so much your throat hurts and you feel like you are going to hurl my peas.  It also comes with a head ache and body ache.  You have running mucus and changing air pressure makes my eyes bulge.  For the rest of the cold, my face will be perched over hot tea and honey.
The worst thing is, on the first day of school, I’ll be fine, and the second I get out of bed, I will be crushed by homework.
Now here comes the part where I’m grateful and put things into prospective: I have all my teeth, I have a computer and a net book, it’s only a crud and if I drink enough tea I’ll be fine.  I can read, I have a brain, and all my chickens.
Cough, cough, the (cough) end.


Let’s put a spin on things: Stick Figure’s Guide to Wheels

By Gabby Fringette

Roller-skates.  Bicycles. Skate boards.  Wagons.  No motors.  They don’t sound that dangerous, but in Stick Figure’s Guide to Wheels, you can get into plenty of trouble.

Chapter1: General Instructions.

Playing with things with wheels can be dangerous, but normally, only when you get them rolling.

Always check your wheels.  Even when they are solid plastic.  Things fall off.

The two most important things to have when playing with wheels are: your helmet, and your common sense.  You should never find your self in this position:

If your common sense said this is OK, maybe you should practice your Evel Knevel act.

Chapter 2: Wagons and Skateboards.When skateboarding…

You MUST wear your helmet! This:

Does not look as cool when it’s this:

Whenever you are confronted with ‘the cool look’ of no helmet, remember that face!


Are normally safe once you learn how to steer them, to get them going, you simply point down hill and climb in.

Stopping is the hard part.  You could crash into a tree, but normally the turn fall works with less damage to you and the wagon.  Once you need to stop, you turn the wagon to the left and lean to the left and then this happens.

Chapter 3: Bicycles.

This takes practice, once you learn how to ride a bike, take a few ‘precautions.’   With the bike you can reach speeds up to twice as high as any other thing in this book, you need the helmet and you need, for the first time, shoes. If you don’t, best case, you will have run over your foot and it will look like road kill.

Above all avoid steep hills unless you look like this.

Even if you’re a girl.

But if you ride enough, you will look like this, although, there is the chance you’ll wind up like this:

Chapter 4: Roller Skates.

They are the next most dangerous to bikes.  With all other things you can jump off if you are about to crash. But with skates, you are strapped in, they have no brakes, no way to steer, so back to the brakes idea, we need to stop.

Safety gear.  Helmet, of course, but the most important thing is…. The butt pad.  When learning to skate you spend more time on your butt than on all other body parts combined. I’m really surprised there isn’t a bigger market for butt pads.

Since you can’t buy one, you need to make one.  It is fairly simple, take a pillow, and stuff it down the back of your pants.

Back to the problem of no brakes, I have a solution,  Grass is a skate stopper

Although, sometimes that’s not an option.

In that case, you can crash into a non-moving vehicle.

After word:    Don’t forget your helmet.




8/1/12 By Gabby Fringette
When you go through the photo album or bags of baby clothes with your mom, she comments on how cute you were or some mischief you got into. But you don’t remember any thing from then.  Except for maybe a few fuzzy images.
Why is it like this? Some say that your first years of memory belongs to your mom and dad, but I don’t believe that.  Others think that you don’t remember things before you can talk.  But mom said I could talk at two, and I can’t remember any thing from then.  I could remember things from when I was four, but if my dad said I was bald at three because I had spray painted my hair green and they had to shave my head- so help me, I would have believed it. Of course it never happened (I think).  If he told me that happened when I was five, I wouldn’t have believed it.
Some times your mom or dad tells you about some thing you did enough that youthink you remember it.  (For me it was when I flushed a roll of T.P down the toilet).
Sometimes you find some thing that reminds you of some thing when you were little.  The other day I found a very stained dress. It was the dress I wore on my fourth birthday.  And some one brought pepperoni pizza but mom said I couldn’t have any because of nitrates.
I am going to interview a five-year-old now.
GABBY: what do you remember about being a baby and young toddler?
FIVE-YEAR-OLD: I remember playing with stuff and drinking out of a sippy cup.
In ten years I’ll probably remember writing Gabby, but I won’t remember any thing from when I was one.
Lets see if you can remember this after you read it.
I have to go now, mom is looking through a bag of baby clothes, and she wants me to come reminisce with her.  Pity I can’t.


Shoes, no shirt no service

7/25/12 By Gabby Feet

In my view, the best thing about summer is, no shoes!

Shoes keep your feet trapped and make them sweaty and sore.  I don’t like shoes, so I don’t wear them.  I have summer feet.

Pros about summer feet:

1. Your feet can breath naturally, and the only time they’re sore is when you stub your toe on a rock running at ten miles an hour.

2.  If they’re well maintained you can walk on a pinecone and your feet don’t bleed.

3. Freedom.  Shoes are oppression, like a Burka, but for every one.

4. It saves money. Have you seen the price of shoes?

Pros of shoes:

1. Some times you need shoes when you work.  You need        steel toed boots.

2. Umm, I’ll get back to you on that one.

Yes summer feet are great, leather soles, breathable material, grows with your foot, best shoe ever.

Here is where the funny ends. Mostly.

Like I said shoes are oppression.  Those signs that say ‘no shoes, no shirt, no service,’ are oppressive. Are my feet really dirtier than some one’s shoes? Well I have news for you my friend, feet can be washed, and shoes can’t!

It’s like saying ‘ you have to wear shoes or you aren’t good enough.’

Most of the world goes barefoot.  I’m in there somewhere. (Look for the girl with the coffee stain on her shirt).

The maintenance of summer feet: during the winter it’s hard to keep your feet leathery and strong.  One thing you can do is by a bag of chicken food and put it down and jog in place on it.  (Put down a tarp first.)

But what ever you do, don’t. I repeat don’t go out side bare foot.  And never put lotion on.

Now you know about summer feet, how to maintain them, and that shoes are oppressive.  Now it’s time to give my summer feet some exercise.


Summer Food (Today We Have Kebabs)
7/11/12 by Chef Gabby Fringette

Summer! A time of no school, lemonade, and BBQs!  BBQs are a time and a place to socialize, fight off boredom, but mostly to eat, and today we have kebabs!

Warning: watch the skewer tips, they are sharp, if you don’t want a twelve inch long splinter, be careful.

This first one is rated ‘Only If You Can Get It Past Mom’, and is good to serve to the guests while you figure out how to light the grill.

What you need:

1. Fruit, all kinds, apples, oranges, cherries, and grapes.

2. Mellow cheese, like mozzarella.

3. Gummy candy! You don’t need much, but it’s fun for kids.

What to do:

Take the pits out of the cherries and the cores out of the apples, and cut the big fruit into chunks.  Next cut the cheese (ha ha) into chunks.  You should put the gummy candy on the skewers in a ratio of one gummy candy to every two pieces of fruit.

And now a healthy (er) kebab for Mom.

What you need:

1. Thin cut ham, or thin cut salami, or better yet thin cut prosciutto, even though it’s very expensive.

2. Ginger.

3. Mushrooms (get them from the store.)

4. Small pineapple slices.

What to do:

Slice the mushrooms into thin pieces, put on skewers, fold the meat over and then put on skewers.  You can have whatever ratio of fruit to meat you want.

And now for the Piece De Résistance or whatever the French say, Spicy Grilled Kebabs!

What you need:

1. Thin sliced beef.

2. Bell peppers.

3. Zucchini, and/ or summer squash.

4. Broccoli.

5. Skewers.

What you need for the marinade:

1. Peppercini or lemon juice.

2. Tamari.

3. Garlic (the amount you use is up to you.)

4. Dried onion.

5. Chili pepper.

What to do: First put all of the marinade ingredients in to a large bowl, then slice all of the veggies, and put them in the marinade, then put the meat in.

Wait one to five hours, (it may be a good idea to start this before the guests arrive.)  Then put everything on the skewers and throw on the grill.  When the meat gets blackened on the corners it’s ready.  Warning, broccoli is the first thing to start on fire.  I speak from experience.

How about sweet and spicy marinade for tough meat?

What you need:

1. Pineapple chunks.

2. Kiwi chunks and juice.

3. Peppers like jalapeno, or chili.

4. Ginger, fresh and pickled.

5. A pinch of brown sugar.

Slice meat thin, and marinate for two to five hours.  Grill it with the pineapple and peppers.

What about dessert?  Fruit, gummy candy, marshmallows or little cubes of cake work.  Ice cream, not too good.

The Price of Money
7/4/12 By Gabby Fringette
Hmm.  I never thought I’d hear that.  My new Editor is willing to pay me for my writing, ten bucks a month.   And I need the ten bucks.  All the things I could do with ten bucks.  I could by a lot of chocolate.  I could get two new Angry Bird apps for my lap top, or I could go to the thrift store and get some more clothes (my mom thinks I don’t need any more).
But, to get the money, I have to take precious free time to write.  That’s the trade-off.
Hunter gatherers have the most free time of all humans.  They eat well, they have more time to make stuff, and they become little villages.  They have no money, no net books, no cars, and worst of all, no malls.  No shiny things.
OK, lets face it, our rat brain is so taken by shiny stuff, we have built entire civilizations around getting tokens, and trading these tokens for shiny things.  As the years go on, we are more and more willing to trade these tokens for shiny things, and the rules have gotten more complex, and so have the shiny things.
The hunter gatherers get along fine without money.  Of course, they don’t have Netbook apps.  Or malls.   The problem is, and will be until we either come to our senses or go extinct, do you spend more time and energy getting money, so you don’t have enough time to enjoy the cash, or do you spend less time making money, and have less money.  Ahh, wage earner’s dilemma.
OK, we also have great medical discoveries, like heart transplants, vaccines, the hunter gatherers sometimes die of simple diseases.  We mostly don’t.
Still, there are many poor people in the world, and to them, ten dollars is a lot of money, many poor countries, where the people don’t get enough food, and they don’t live long, so the women get married young.  Without enough food, they don’t grow very big.  Since they’re small, when they have children, during child birth, if their pelvis is too small, or if the child turned in the birth canal, then it wears away at the inside of the birth wall, and sometimes it rips a hole in the wall to the bladder or bowels, then after that urine or feces leak out of the vagina and they can’t stop it.  This is called a fistula.  There are some hospitals in these third world countries that treat these, and these women don’t have any money, so the surgery is paid for by charities (  So maybe I should donate to those charities instead of buying three pounds of chocolate.
There are also girls my age in Asia working for pennies a day.  They could live for weeks on ten dollars.
And then there are more middle class girls.  They get maybe ten or fifteen dollars for allowance, and maybe twenty dollars from a grandparent in a Christmas card, they do small chores like the dishes or cleaning their rooms.
Then there are rich girls. (I don’t actually know how they live, I’m guessing here.) They wear designer cloths and have Apple i-phones, and they get hundreds to spend at the mall each weekend, and they don’t have to do anything resembling work.  Ten dollars doesn’t mean much to them.
Money is a drug.  Sometimes it’s not just the shiny things, it’s the trading tokens too.  Many people do bad stuff to con people of their money.  Like car salesmen.  And lawyers.
So, I am writing, (another by product of the shiny thing-trading token civilization) do I want the tokens themselves?  No, but I want the shiny things, and the only thing they’ll trade them for are the tokens.  So I need the tokens.
Good luck on your quest for trading tokens and shiny things.



Animal Farm (a book review)

By Gabby Fringette 6/27/2012

George Orwell wrote ‘Animal Farm’ in the 40’s just before World War II. ‘George Orwell’, is the author’s pen name, his real name was Eric Arthur Blair.   I read Animal farm two weeks ago. I liked it.  It was possibly the scariest story I have ever read.  It wasn’t about ghosts or monsters.  Well, in a way it was about monsters.  It was about Manor Farm.  A man named Mr. Jones owned it.  But he was almost irrelevant.  It was about the animals, they started a rebellion against humanity.  An old pig started it his name was Old Major.  They had a system called animalism; it was where all animals were equal.  They had their commandments (you see them later.)   Once the rebellion was under way, the pigs took over the leader ship.  Said pigs were:  Snowball, he had many good ideas, and didn’t try to control the others to much, and that was probably his down fall from the pigs’ point of view.  Then there was Napoleon (if you read the book, I think you’ll find why he’s named that.)  He was very persuasive, and took over the animal farm, as it was later called, and he chased Snowball out, and convinced every one that Snowball was a traitor.   Then there was Squealer, he was the one who did most of the convincing, and for the first half of the book he always ended his speeches with ‘but that might bring Jones back, surly you don’t want Jones back. ‘


They had a set of rules, and every time they got in the way of what the pigs wanted they changed them a little.

These were the rules:

1. Whatever goes on two legs is an enemy.

2. Whatever has four legs or wings is a friend.

3. No animal shall wear clothes.

4. No animal shall sleep on a bed.

5. No animal shall drink alcohol.

6. No animal shall kill another animal.

7 All animals are equal.

The pigs changed it to:

1. No animal may sleep in a bed with sheets.

2. No animal may drink alcohol to excess.

3. No animal may kill another animal without cause.

And then there was the motto.  It was ‘four legs good, two legs bad’.  Then when the pigs started to walk on two legs they changed it to ‘four legs good, two legs better.’  This was the start of ‘humanization’, and all of those commandments are replaced with one ‘all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.’


The story wasn’t just about animal farm; it was about how the plans for a ‘perfect ‘ democracy can turn into a tyrannous rule.   I think he was also commenting about communism.  The same this is almost here now, all of the rules, the government distracting us with an enemy that may or may not actually be real.  Of course, we should count our selves mostly lucky, our government doesn’t listen to us, and so they don’t punish us.


George Orwell (Eric Blair) died on the 20th of January 1950 at 46 from a burst artery in his lungs. Yow.


It was a good book, it really was, and you should read it.  (You can get it on line, of course)






Aw, So Cute!

By Gosling Fringette

It’s spring, as you know, and what does spring bring other than flowers?  Chicks! All sorts of baby birds, there are robin chicks in the eaves of our shed, woodpecker chicks in an old stump by our meadow, and there was a nest of Townsend’s solitaires under a big piece of bark, and, our very own geese have goslings!

Cute fuzzy greenish gray goslings! They follow the adult geese everywhere, they eat what the adult geese eat, they swim with the adult geese.

There were six, but one died early, then two disappeared, (to possibly a bird of prey, either a Red Tailed Hawk, or to a Northern Harrier.)  So now we have three, they are about a month old, they still haven’t lost their fuzz, but the biggest one is about half the size of a chicken.  They are cutest when they are swimming, their little feet paddling along, and some times they poke their heads under water, and their tails stick up, and you can see their legs, so that they are half under water, (their top half,) and half above (their bottom half).

They blend in, their coat of fuzzy greenish gray feathers goes with the meadow grass great.  They eat mostly grass, and in the pond they eat pond scum, and when I throw out grain for the chickens, they will eat grain.

What about pictures of these cute fuzzy goslings?

Yes I have some, but they were hard to get because the dad goose hisses and lunges, and mom goose halls tail with the goslings when you when you get near the goslings.


As you can see, they are so cute!

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