Great Yuba Pass Chili Cookoff this Saturday March 2

  • 2012 Winner

    2012 Winner

    Chili Cookoff

    ,This article is written in the spirit of the Chili Cookoff, no rhyme or reason just be there sometime Saturday morning, cook chili or be a taster, just have fun. There are no rules and a jar of peaches is Chili is you say so….

    The Great Yuba Pass Chili Cookoff seem to have spawned an elite group of Judges who will take almost any bribe and promise you will be the Winner. Judges this year are Jenny Varn, Rachel Guffin, Bernie Stringer, Frank
    If your going to be entering your chili, I would suggest getting there around 7 a.m. Otherwise 9 or 10 is good. Judging starts around noon.

Having trouble with this article for some reason.. so here is the complete list of Judges for 2013

Rachel Guffin, Jenny Varn, Brad Morales, Frank Peters and Tim Holabird

The Great Yuba Pass Chili Cookoff Winners List to date, more or less…

1994 Open-Da-Can Chili (J.J. Janzen)
1995 Habanero Delight (Dan Henson)
1996 Head First (Andy White)
1997 Eat My (Rick Clough)
1998 Fowler Lost It (Bill Fowler)
1999 Cajun Gator (Joann Chesney)
2000 Loganville Lamb (Bowman)
2001 Road Hog (Rick Simi)
2002 Tatoo You (Rick Simi)
2003 Cajun Gator (Joann Chesney)
2004 Head First (Andy White)
2005 Road House (Rick Simi)
2006 Head First (Andy White)
2007 Sour Grape Girls (Gals on Grapes)
2008 Rattlesnake Chili (Jannine Hudson)
2009 Marian LaFollette
2010 Habanero Delight (Dan Henson)
2011 Carrie Loving

Tess’ Is It Chili Yet?
Has Taken Two Second And One Third Place. She Was 12 Years Old When She
Started Cooking Competition Chili. First Place Has Alluded Her Grasp For
The Moment!

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