Halloween Scary Editorial 10/31/12

Halloween Scary

by La Quita Barnes Lane

Mitt Romney is Halloween scary and he should be dressed as a giant red flag. This person displays so many red flag warnings that the Nation should take heed, do their last minute homework and approach this person’s agenda for the country with extreme caution.

His first big red flag was the non-transparency of his income taxes. His defiance to not disclose any information of his 2008 income tax return falls into the category of arrogance. He places himself above rules and regulations. This was the first display of his personality that showed that he feels he is not answerable to the people of the country. This person also chooses to invest his monies in foreign banking, investments and companies, making him unanswerable and non-taxable, a luxury shared by the wealthy. His tax dollars are not invested in the United States but he desires to lead the United States. This is Halloween scary.

More frightening is his tax agenda for the middle class citizens of the Nation. He has signed a pledge to make the Bush Tax cuts permanent and then add more tax breaks for the 1% of the wealthy that would extend until 2040. This is real Halloween scary. Why should the American people give permanent tax breaks to the wealthy? This just does not make sense and the mathematics could never balance the budget. For instance, to date, the Koch brothers have contributed over 4 million dollars to the Romney campaign. If he should win and enact the proposed tax breaks, the Koch brothers would triple their 4 million dollar investment over the next 10 years and pay less than 1% in taxes. This is Halloween scary.

Even more frightening are the proposed cuts to make up the difference in the tax dollars. Every social program, health program, civil rights program, educational program, women’s rights, voting rights, and yes the FEMA disaster program would all be cut and phased out. The list is endless and we do not know the extent of the severity of cuts because Mitt Romney says vote for me and I’ll tell you later. This is Halloween scary.

The middle class and the poor would bear the burden. The whole fabric of our extended Government would be at risk of collapse. If you thought economic collapse was bad and you were about to lose everything. Think about what will happen if our government retracts what it gives to the middle class and leaves us with nothing; but demands more tax dollars to make up the difference for tax breaks for the wealthy. With economic collapse we had government as back up. Money, our tax dollars, was put back into the system to stimulate the economy. When government is withdrawn from the people the nation becomes stoic and the burden to the middle class would become so extreme that you would have economic and governmental collapse. This is Halloween scary.

The frightening part of Mitt Romney is the personality trait of shifting his beliefs and values. He will say anything to please any crowd he is talking to. He will change his position on any issue. He will misconstrue any truth. He cares nothing about facts. He believes apologies are a sign of weakness and he is a bully. With the display of these personality behavior patterns he has shown that he has no integrity. A President must have integrity. Mitt Romney has so many red flag warnings that they are too numerous to mention and to go into detail, accept one more gigantic red flag, Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan’s political views are truly Halloween horrifying. Between the two of them everything about our government would be dismantled and our nation would be set back years. This is Halloween scary.

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