Henry O’Donnell & Kursten Marshall Wed

On Saturday, October 6 joyous parents Don and Laura Marshall and David and Barbara O’Donnell, friends and relatives joined the festivities of Henry and Kursten’s wedding in Sierra City.

Officiator County Clerk Heather Foster smiles as Henry places Kursten’s wedding ring.

Maid of Honor Tara Dines and Bridesmaid Kylie Marshall, ┬ánot pictured Best Man Andrew O’Donnell and Groomsman Andy Robbins.

Andy Robbins, Andrew O’Donnell, Henry O’Donnell, Heather Foster and in the foreground is Grandpa Jack Marshall’s hair.

They’re married and happy.

Still happy minutes later…

Despite the cake decorations, this was NOT a shotgun wedding.. Best wishes and happy years to the wonderful young newlyweds.

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