Hidden Church in Alleghany 2/27/13

Hidden Church

Hidden Church

Help us build a patio of memories and stories while contributing to the restoration and preservation of the historical church building in Alleghany. 

  • A brick patio has been started at the bottom of the new front steps.
  • For a $60.00 donation you can have a brick etched with up to 3 lines of 20 characters each.
  • The bricks are fired to be extra hard and are engraved using a laser process that produces a hardened glass engraving.
  • All proceeds benefit the historical church building.

A little history

The Church was originally built in the town of Moore’s Flat in Nevada County, south of Alleghany in the late 1800’s.

In the early 1900’s the town of Moore’s Flat was fading fast.  Alleghany was growing.  The Catholic Church decided to move the building to Alleghany.  The Church was dismantled and hauled to Alleghany by ox-cart.

Church Dedication 1917

Albert Holmes donated land for the building and in 1917 the Church was dedicated.  The Church was actively used for Catholic Services until the 1960’s.

Non-denominational services were resumed in the late 1970’s, but had ceased again by 1980.

In 1995, the Catholic Church sold the building to a private party.  Again non-denominational services were held for a short time and the Library was moved to the building.

Current events…

In December of 2004 Jim Roos the owner of the building donated it to the Community for use as a Library and Community Hall.

The Alleghany County Water District has taken responsibility for the building.  All Library/Community Hall Funds are being accounted for separately and cannot be mingled with Water District Funds.  The Water district is not charging any administration fees.

A Committee has been formed to manage the building.  Work accomplished so far includes replacing six broken window panes  as well as the front porch.  Also, a fire clearance has been established around the building and the road has been graveled.

Current priorities are bringing water service to the site and constructing a separate small structure to be used as a bathroom and for storage.  Donations of time, money or materials are needed and appreciated.

For more information:   www.hiddenchurch.info

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