Jeannette Olson’s 103rd Christmas

Candy and Cards Welcome


Grass Valley- You may think that Grass Valley means Grass Valley but it is a good bet that Jeannette Olsen believes she is still living in Sierra City. That belief makes her the oldest resident in the town and probably in Sierra County because Jeannette is 103 years old.

Some years ago, Jeannette and husband Otto headed for assisted living in Grass Valley. With adjoining rooms they set longevity records until his death a while back but Jeannette is still going strong, still in pretty good shape.

It is a given that many readers of this plea remember one or both of the Olsens and maybe even that Jeannette has a sweet tooth. And, if you are guilty of that, or even if you are not, you might want to drop some candy off for that 103 year old, or at least send her a Christmas card. Either would be welcome indeed!

Jeannette Olsen, Golden Empire, 121 Dorsey Drive, Grass Valley, CA 95943

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