Jim Reed Wants Our Fair Share 10/31/12

Fall River Mills, CA – Jim Reed knows that small businesses and family farms are the lifeblood of our country. Yet in California’s First Congressional District, a persistent unemployment rate far exceeds the national average.

Jim Reed has a plan to turn those numbers around. Reed believes the entrepreneurial spirit of far Northern California is alive and would flourish if small businesses weren’t greeted with so many costly regulations and fees, constraints that often discourage those with great ideas from putting their plans into action.

“We have a situation in this country where regulations and fees hurt small businesses, yet don’t go far enough on some large corporations,” Reed said. “People with great ideas for startups get bogged down by fees and regulations, but huge financial institutions on Wall Street can jeopardize the entire world’s economy with their reckless behavior.”

In addition, the northern counties in District 1 receive far less than the national average for federal spending, including money for education, veterans, and family farms.

“I believe there’s a direct link between the high unemployment rate and the fact that our region doesn’t get back its fair share of our tax dollars,” Reed said. “For example, if Shasta and Butte counties received just average federal spending for rural counties, each of these counties would receive hundreds of millions of dollars more per year. That extra money flowing through the district would create enough new jobs to substantially reduce unemployment.”

Reed continued his push for infrastructure and education investments, priorities that pay off now and in the future.

“Why not fix our road and bridges now when we need the jobs?” Reed asked. “Plus, if we strengthen our schools now, the investment will pay off when our students get better jobs and put their efforts back into our local economy. The schools need our support and so do our students.”

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