Join the Fight for EPHC 3/6/13

Thank you for joining the fight to stop the devastating MediCal cuts to our Skilled Nursing Facilities. Links to all the information you need is below. Please SHARE this email with as many people as possible via Facebook and email–TOGETHER, WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! There’s also a link to this material at: And, we have hard copy packets containing these advocacy materials in the Administration Office. For further information contact Linda Satchwell:

530.832.6597; 530.616.0694; or


          JOIN THE FIGHT!
Where we live shouldn’t determine our right to healthcare! Help
our rural, isolated community keep our hospital. Help us keep
our SNF residents at home!
MAKE THE CALL (click here)
                   It could be one of the
                   most important calls
                   you’ll ever make.
Call the administrators and legislators on our list (click here):
   1. Say “hello” and let them know where you’re from.
   2. Tell them why stopping these MediCal cuts to hospital skilled
       nursing facilities is so important to you. (here’s a link with info to
       help you get started)
   3. Thank them for their time. That’s all you need to do!
SIGN THE PETITION (click here)
                               Your name, your
                                  email, CLICK.
                                         Act now.
SEND A MESSAGE (click here)
                          Send an email, write
                               a letter. MAKE A
Learn more about the fight. Arm yourself with info (click here)

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