Kids Clean Up 9/26/12

Eighty Camptonville and Downieville School students along with teachers recently removed over 80 pounds of trash and recyclables from the North Yuba River in Indian Valley and Downieville, respectively, in just under 1 hour.
The North Yuba River Clean-up was organized by the Sierra County Fire Safe and Watershed Council. “It was great to see so many students and teachers participating in the clean-up. It is important to pass on this respect for the river if we want to protect the North Yuba River for the future,” said Regine Miller, clean-up coordinator.
Noteworthy items that the students and teachers collected included tennis shoes, a bicycle chain, underwear, swim noodles, a flower planter, and a BBQ grill. Needless to say, the students were reminded of the importance to pack-out what they pack-in when they visit the river, and to help to clean-up after those who don’t.
The event was part of the 28th Annual Great Sierra River Cleanup, which encouraged people all over the Sierra to join together to clean and restore the fifteen major rivers of the Sierra Nevada Range. “We’re asking everyone to do their part to protect our community, its water quality, and the local environment,” states Jim Branham, Executive Director of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy.
Next time you see a Downieville or Camptonville School student, make sure you tell them “Thanks” for doing their part to keep our river clean.

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