Letter From Bob Morales 2/6/13

Last Thursday, January 31, the Old Sierra City Hotel hosted another Community Night dinner. While I say “another,” it actually was much more than regular and “Community Dinner” night ended up being quite special. Not only did we enjoy attendance from many of our Sierra City regulars, we were fortunate to also have a large contingent from Downieville. Judging by the amount of food consumed, the beverages served and the volume of conversation and laughter, it appears a good time was had by all.
Speaking for my son Brad, your bartender, and myself, your cook, we had a great time serving you all. We just wanted to give a hearty shout-out and thank you to all who came and helped support our Community Night.
Winters are never easy up here, but you helped make this one more tolerable. Thank you my friends.
p.s. In February, the St. Charles and the Old Sierra City Hotel are switching nights. Valentine’s Day Community Dinner night will be at the hotel and the St. Charles will have another taco night on the 28th.
Bob and Brad Morales, Sierra City

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