Letter from CEO Hayes 4/17/13

To All EPHC Advocates:

I want to ask for your support for a bill that we’ve crafted, which will specifically exempt rural, vulnerable DP/SNFs from the devastating MediCal cuts that are likely to go into effect very soon. SB 646 will exempt the most vulnerable DP/SNFs like EPHC (those that are rural, a sole community provider, and are in a health care personnel shortage area, or that serve a medically underserved population).  [link to bill: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/13-14/bill/sen/sb_0601-0650/sb_646_bill_20130401_amended_sen_v98.pdf]

I’ve copied the key section of the bill below:

P. 3 Sec. (e) a rural community hospital in a health care personnel shortage

line 6 area, or in an area that serves medically underserved areas or

line 7 populations, and the facility is a sole community provider. To

line 8 qualify for this section, the skilled nursing facility shall have 10

line 9 percent or more of its patients enrolled in Medi-Cal and not have

line 10 a county or University of California hospital within a 15 mile

line 11 radius.

Please join me in writing, calling and doing all you can to support this bill, which is authored by Sen. Jim Nielsen and co-authored by Assemblyman Wes Chesbro. The bill stops first in the Senate Health Committee on April 24, and we’d like your letters of support to arrive prior to this meeting if possible. I will be at the hearing along with Jon Kennedy our County Supervisor, and several others. In your letters, it will be a great help if you can strongly support the bill, and offer your personal case as an example of the hardship these cuts will cause to EPHC, your friends and families, our staff, and our community. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Two separate letters should be addressed to:

Chairman Ed Hernandez and Vice-Chairman Joel Anderson, Senate Health Committee, State Capitol Room 2191, Sacramento, CA 95814

Calls should be made to:

Sen. Ed. Hernandez: 916.651.4024

Sen. Joel Anderson: 916.651.4036

As most of you know, the California Hospital Association is supporting Assemblyman Allejo’s bill, AB 900. This bill would exempt all DP/SNFs from the MediCal cuts, and while we are very much in support of this bill, we believe that SB 646 is vital, because it will cause a much smaller impact on the state budget and will exempt only those hospitals whose entire operation will be placed in great jeopardy from the cuts.

If those of us who have the most to lose stand together, we will be much more likely to see that this bill gets passed and that our hospitals can continue to serve our communities, including our most vulnerable patients-those in our skilled nursing facilities. Thank you in advance for your support.

Best regards,

Thomas P. Hayes, CEO

Eastern Plumas Health Care
500 First Avenue
Portola, CA 96122

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