Letter to the Editor and Powers That Be 10/31/12

Dear Lee,Tim, Mark, Stan, Derek, Doug and Don,
As you know road conditions were horrible the last few days and the bus had some trouble getting here.  Against my better judgement I sent my kids on the bus Monday, even though I was stuck at Wet Ravine.  On Tuesday, I informed the school that I would not send my kids if there are snowy conditions and no plow – even if the bus makes it up here.  On Wednesday, the bus driver decided it was too dangerous and I agree.
I understand that the county budget does not provide for the plow services of yore and that the second plow driver has not yet been put on the books for this year – so I am not writing to complain.  I like living in this rural area and accept the inconviences.  I hope, however, as the winter season progresses the county/school/transportation team will be able to cooperate so that the bus can follow the plow in the morning.
I would like to point out that there are six kids on that bus, first to leave town at 6:20 a.m. – I can think of only 3 employed, daily commuters in the area and they all leave after 6:20 – so does it not make sense to plow out the most productive (these kids bring $ into our county) portion of our community?
Thanks for your attention to this matter!
Robin Bolle
Alleghany, CA

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