Mental Health Respite 4/17/13

Sacramento Respite Partnership Collaborative Announces Funding Opportunity for Mental Health Respite Services
Sacramento, CA – The Respite Partnership Collaborative (RPC), in partnership with Sierra Health Foundation: Center for Health Program Management and Sacramento County Division of Behavioral Health Services, announced the availability of funding within Sacramento County to provide “24-hour/7-day-a-week” drop-in mental health respite services for Sacramento County residents who are experiencing a mental health crisis.  Respite services are designed to offer a brief and supportive “time out” for those experiencing a mental health crisis, or their caregivers, to regain balance and clarity.
The RPC is a public-private partnership of the County of Sacramento, Division of Behavioral Health Services, Sierra Health Foundation: Center for Health Program Management, and the community at large.  This project is funded by Sacramento County Mental Health Services Act Innovation Component funding.  The goal of the RPC is to assess how a community-driven process can best increase local mental health respite service options that offer alternatives to hospitalization for community members experiencing a mental health crisis in Sacramento County.
“As the RPC launches the second round of funding, they seek solutions that will support community members who typically rely on the emergency room for acute mental health needs,” commented Sierra Health Foundation President and CEO Chet P. Hewitt.  “There is a powerful opportunity to develop effective alternatives to hospitalization that will provide more appropriate care and ease emergency room overcrowding in Sacramento County.”
This request for qualifications funding opportunity represents the second of up to three funding rounds that the RPC will release through 2015 to support the provision of mental health respite services to Sacramento County residents. The first round of funding, released in November, 2012, benefits a broad range of residents including parents of severely emotionally disturbed children, caregivers tending to adults with mental health problems, adults (18 and older) who are experiencing a mental health crisis, and members of cultural or ethnic populations who will have access to culturally appropriate respite care resources.
The total amount of funding available this round to support 24-hour/7-day-a-week mental health respite services is $1,000,000.  Additional funding opportunities will be announced in May.
Sierra Health Foundation: Center for Health Program Management (CHPM) is a public benefit corporation whose mission is to serve a leadership role in expanding health and wellness in California.  To learn more, go to

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