Miss Jody Story 11/14/12

 In Memory of Miss Jody

Many years ago, where Two Rivers store now resides there lived a restaurant named The Forks, owned by Ted and Nancy Heston. They noticed on Thanksgiving Day there were no restaurants or eateries available for hungry miners, tourists and passing motorists. Ted and Nancy decided to open their restaurant and provide a community Thanksgiving Dinner to one and all free of charge. This event was a local tradition enjoyed by all until Nancy and Ted decided to retire and sell The Forks.

Then Miss Jody Brooks, who bartended at the St Charles Saloon and lived in Downieville with her husband, daughter and three grandchildren decided to continue the tradition at the Community Hall, a little differently, but still open to anyone who needed a meal or community fellowship on Thanksgiving Day.

Tragically, Miss Jody and her grandchildren were killed in a fire at their home on Pearl Street in January of 1994. Later that year the Downieville Lions Club and the United Methodist Churches planned a Community Thanksgiving as a Miss Jody memorial, since then, the annual event has been continuously supported by the Downieville Lions Club, United Methodist and Assembly of God Churches, Downieville and Sierra City grocery stores and many members of the community It has become a fund raising source for the Western Sierra Food Bank.

The dinner will be held on Thanksgiving Day, November 22 at the Downieville Community Hall. This is a community event enjoyed by all who attend.  The traditional Thanksgiving Dinner of turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetables and luscious desserts is served from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.  Anyone needing a ride or a home delivery of a meal should contact Liz Fisher at 289-3632, Ann Hutchison at 862-1052 or Susan Kopp at 265-9417 by Wednesday morning November 21.  Donations may be made at Downieville Grocery Store and the Sierra City Country Store.

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