Name The Downieville Park – 4/17/13


We Need YOU

Name YOUR Downieville Community Park

The Downieville Improvement Group (DIG) is reaching out to our community for your input. The county park, commonly known as Lion’s Memorial Park, located next to Two Rivers Cafe and the Visitors Center is getting revamped by the county and needs to be renamed.

DIG is sponsoring a “Park Name Contest”, inviting everyone, of any age, to express what they feel would be a good park name. The selection process will start with the DIG choosing five or ten entries and then ultimately putting the TOP FIVE names on a ballot and (YOU) our community will choose the winning name for the park. Please submit your entry to :

Liz Luster, aka Carriage House Inn

P.O. Box 514

Downieville, CA 95936

The winning entry will be awarded the privilege of being the “Ribbon Cutter” at the Phase I Grand Opening BBQ to be held in the park. Get creative! Let YOUR ideas flow!

“Long Live the Lions”

3 thoughts on “Name The Downieville Park – 4/17/13

  1. Hi Liz, at our DIG meeting tonight we decided the deadline for entries is May 15. Please let Liz Luster know your name suggestion by this date. Thanks!

  2. How historic is the Lion’s involvement? When did the county step in? When did the actual area become a park? I need fill-in, before I can offer a proper name. Who owned the land before the county acquired it?

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