Nancy’s Christmas Tree 12/19/12

My Christmas Trees

by Nancy Carnahan

When I was a kid, we went down to the woods and cut our own Christmas tree, usually a cedar because they had a good shape. It’s a little harder to decorate those, but decorations were much simpler in those days.

Then my dad “got saved” and started reading the Bible a lot. He decided that nobody really knew when Jesus was born (it was probably April) and we were not going to celebrate Christmas because the early Catholic Church decided to overlay the holy day over the pagan winter solstice festivities. Therefore, NO tree.  We did go to the grandparents for Christmas, so we always got presents and family.

When my kids’ dad and I were stationed in Guam, we bought our first Christmas tree. It had been cut somewhere in September or so and shipped to Guam. All the needles fell off before Christmas and we had a ‘nekkid’ (as my mother says) tree. After that we bought an artificial one.

After we were divorced and I was a single mom, I bought one of those little table top trees (maybe a foot high). I brought it home and my daughter threw such a tantrum about it, I didn’t buy another one.

Mike and I bought a 9-foot, already-strung-with lights tree that I really like. I bought a little one in an urn also. Last year, Mike decided he wanted a real tree. I’m glad we don’t have carpet. I am still finding needles from that sadistic tree despite vacuuming and sweeping for a year. I think they hide and then jump out at me going “Ha, ha, ha. Fooled you again!”

So this year, I don’t even want a tree. We’re having 13 people for Christmas. There isn’t really room for a tree. I did get a little one that looks like silver and is just a trunk and limbs, but you would have to have itsy, bitsy ornaments. I’ve got decorations out. I just don’t want a tree.

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