RESPONSE to 2011-12 GRAND JURY 8/8/12

8/8/12   The Board of Supervisors approved a letter of response to the Sierra County 2011-12 Grand Jury Final Report Response to the Grand Jury2011-12



Ernest Finney, Foreman of the 2011-12 Sierra County Grand Jury reports that the complete Grand Jury Report is now available for viewing on the Sierra County website  see here   Sierra County Grand Jury Final Report



The Grand Jury released its’ response to the Sierra County Board of Supervisors regarding the 2010-2011 Grand Jury Report and the situation in the Office of Sierra County Sheriff’s Department. The Board had asked the 2011-2012 GJ to determine if in fact Sheriff John Evans had committed a criminal offense. The GJ found that while Sheriff Evans had been bad, he was not really, really bad and could not be deemed criminally offensive. See the response here.  Response Bd of Supervisors-

So far the 2011-2012 Grand Jury has not released anything other than the Interim Report here CAO Final Report 6-25-12 and the above response. So waiting with bated breath are we…

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