No Weigh In says Fair Manager 4/10/13

Greetings all!
This being Plumas and Sierra Counties, there is probably no need for this e-mail since everyone probably knows what’s going on. On the recommendation of the Junior Livestock Committee, we will not have early weigh-ins this year. Since there is no rate of gain competition anymore, there just isn’t a need for it. Not to mention the saving the added cost of an extra trip to the fairgrounds. The livestock committee will get the word out to you regarding ear tags. Most important is that you can prove ownership of your animal when the fair gets here; beef must be purchased before 120 days before the fair, small animals are 60 days. You will have to bring a bill of sale to prove the purchase date. Be sure to check out the rules in the exhibit guide which will be out sometime this month. It will be on our website and limited numbers will be printed.

I’m going to miss seeing all of you at the weigh-ins, it was one of the funnest parts of this job. Good luck on your projects and I’ll see you in August!

John Steffanic
Fair Manager
Plumas Sierra County Fair

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