Pet Parade & Pictures 12/5/12

Our CHP Zack checks in on the Pet Parade… no running allowed..

Holiday on Main Pet Parade by Rachel Guffin

It was a dark and stormy night.  Okay, it wasn’t that dark, and despite the predicted weather reports, not very stormy either.  In fact, there was a nice break in the deluge for the Animal Relief Fund’s Holiday Pet Parade to take place.  Saturday’s event was held in the fire bay due to the predicted precipitation.  The misty weather did not detour man nor dog, in fact, everyone looked pretty cheery and excited to march their pets by the judges and onlooking crowd.

All of the entrants looked outstanding this year.  Kate, Chloe and Roxie of Sierra Hardware folks, were quite a trio!  Chloe and Roxie were Wide Retrievers and Rufferees , while Kate was their cheerleader.  I’m not sure if they were trying out for this years Puppy Bowl, but luckily there were no flags thrown.

Teddy won first place overall as the cutest Elf, Rosarita Anderson won second place in her Bret Michaels Santa dress, and Kate received third place for her well worn Cheerleader uniform.  Other entrants and winners are as follows:

Lexington Guffin – Facebooks Giddy and Twinkle

Chloe and Roxie McCreary – Wide Retriever and Rufferee

Sleepy Ellison – Gift From Santa

Wilson White – Frosty

Cali Boyd – the cutests snow puppy I’ve ever seen

Lugnut – Hula Dancer

(I apologize now for any misspelled names.)

Animal Relief Fund would like to thank everyone who came out to participate in, and support the Pet Parade and raffle, the businesses, both local and regional, along with private donors, for the great products that were donated.  Thanks goes out to this years parade judges, Mason and Tanner Pangman and John Bryan (you guys did a great job!), Tessa and Danielle for all of your help on a very busy day, and a big thank you to the Downieville Fire Department, for allowing us to use their fire bay.

Without everyone who participated in one way or another, we would not have had a successful event.  All of the proceeds go back into the community to continue to assist residence with healthcare and pet food for their animals.  All donations are tax deductible and very much needed and appreciated!  Thank you!

I’m pretty, I can win…

Lexie says shopping for treats for him is a good thing..

Barkley has a message to save his friends..

Wilson lets friends, Colton and Mariah join him in his doggy cart..

Joyce. Sam & Darcy adjust the hats…

I’m pretty and a cheerleader too….

I got this… no contest..

No walking for this smart pup…


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