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Author Peter Wolf Huebner and his beloved wife Louise.

Peter Wolf Huebner, the Sierra County Supervisor for District 2, is a well-known author in Sierra County.  Peter’s latest book, an autobiography,   “Reaching for the Stars and Beyond” –My Unbelievable Life Story Before and After My Friend Ziggy is being released early as a fund raiser for the Western Sierra Senior Center purchase.

This book is a personal account of Peter’s life from birth in Germany to the present day here in Sierra County.

Since moving to Sierra County Peter has been an enthusiastic volunteer and contributor to many community endeavors and this book is one more example of Peter’s generosity and love of Sierra County.  All profits from book sales the first year will be donated through the Ziggy Huebner Foundation to assist with the acquisition, development and successful operation of the Western Sierra Residential Center (WSRC), in Downieville.

WSRC was established in 1998 with a vision of providing assisted living for local seniors who could no longer live alone in the community. Although this vision is still a dream, the building has evolved into a place for seniors to share meals and community friendship. There is a debt owed on the building that is due in December 2013 and there is an urgency to raise the funds to be able to maintain the building as a viable senior services center.

Peter says his personal goal is to donate a minimum of $200,000 to the cause, and the profits from this book will help attain this goal.

“Reaching for the Stars and Beyond” My Unbelievable Life Story is now available  and you can order a signed copy for yourself or as a gift now. Contact Peter Huebner at POB 349, Sierra City, CA 96125 or email Send a minimum donation of  $22.95. If shipping is required please add $5.35, local pickup in Sierra City and Downieville is available. All checks should be made out to the Western Sierra Residential Center.

The reviews on Amazon from Peter’s first book  “My Friend Ziggy”  published in October of 1995, were very positive and readers will be delighted in this new autobiography.

Editorial Reviews

“My Friend Ziggy” is inspirational and makes you feel good- no sex-violence or science fiction. Just a good read–Heather Macdonald — The Union Newspaper Group, Grass Valley, California

Huebner’s story seem incredible, the author has included documentation of the time of the shipwreck. A touching and memorable true story. “A labor of love”–Dorothy Rice Bennett — The Log, San Diego, Calif. 

Like a Disney family movie. The book is more the tale of devotion shared by a man and his dog than adventure on the high seas. And it has all the ingredients of a Disney family movie: man saves dog, man and dog become close and sail single-handedly, a heroic mission, a shipwreck, dog saves man, tough times fellow, but man finds a renewed purpose and they live happily ever after–Janet Kettelhut — Alameda Journal, Alameda, California

One thought on “Read Peter’s Story 3/13/13

  1. This can only happen in AMERICA, kind wonderful people all around us, this dream of mine of caring for our seniors will come through, with your help we will keep them all here to live out their lives with all of us.
    As Al and Doris Pratti had to leave their beloved Sierra County to get care, it broke my heart that we could not provide this service to them so that they could live out their lives right here with friends. So my goal is to finish our center and have our seniors be with us till the day the Lord will call them home.
    Please be so kind and help me to fulfill my dream, my goal is to finish this beautiful
    dream now.
    Thank you so much

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