Plumas Sierra CAPR Wait on Filing 2/26/13

The Board of Directors and members of the Plumas/Sierra Chapter of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights (P/S CAPR) extends deep thanks to the electorate of Sierra County for the wide support given to the initiative sponsored by P/S CAPR to protect the right of the property owner to build a residence on his or her property.  The requisite number of petition signatures for initiative qualification were rapidly collected months ago.

The Board also credits the local Sierra County media for thorough reporting on the Sierra County General Plan update and the struggle for reasonable land use rules.  The public has been well served by the comprehensive overview provided by the local media providing a fair assessment of the current update process to inform Sierra County residents.

The Board also thanks County staff for the expert assistance and guidance given as P/S CAPR sponsored the initiative to protect the right of the property owner to build on his or her legal parcel.  P/S CAPR representatives have confidence that the observations made regarding the inconsistencies and contradictions of the 1996 General Plan document are understood by County Planning staff.

Currently Planning is engaged in a detailed effort to realize a consistent and fair language of our controlling General Plan and the associated implementation ordinances.  Assurances have been given in testimony by Planning before the Board of Supervisors that the fundamental right of a residence will not be infringed.

Concern has been expressed regarding a potential legal compounding of the County update process for the ministerial demand implied in the P/S CAPR initiative language.  The result could be a longer delay in an already extended process.  This would be an undesirable outcome.

As the unseen update is claimed to be convergent with the intent of the P/S CAPR initiative and is complete with an associated environmental impact report, it has been the decision of the P/S CAPR Board of Directors to withhold filing the qualified initiative at this time.  It seems prudent given the long time and expense of the update process to allow County Planning a few more months to present the update draft documents now in preparation. P/S CAPR remains vigilant

Board of Directors

The Plumas/Sierra Counties Chapter of
The Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights



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