Prepare For Disaster March 23 in Auburn

Disaster Preparedness Fair

Sat. March 23rd

1pm – 5pm

287 Poet Smith Drive, Auburn

Everyone is welcome!

Fire prevention / earthquake preparation / disaster sanitation

Ham Radio & communications

Solar oven & alternative cooking tips

Generators & fuels (use & storage), alternate power

Pet emergency preparations

Triage & emergency medicine

Food: cooking, Dutch ovens, grinding, canning, drying, pickling, preservation, storage

Water: Purification, filtration, storage

Heating, lighting, solar

72 hour kits

Gardening, sewing & more!

These are just a few of the booths that will be present at this event. It would be great if someone from Camptonville Prepared! Or anyone within our community could attend and give us feedback on any & all of the info they obtain.

Give a call if you are interested. 288-1228,

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