Public Health Emergency Meeting 1/23/13

The Quarterly Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinating Committee Meeting was Wednesday January 23 in Downieville at the Western Sierra Senior Center.

Representatives from Downieville VFD, Downieville Ambulance, CalTrans, Sierra County OES,  Public Works, Sheriff’s Office and Eastern Plumas Health Care met with LeTina Vanetti, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator  for Sierra County Public Health to discuss the current flu situation and plans for future emergencies that have the potential to impact Sierra County residents.

Attending were Lee Brown, Jacie Epperson, Miriam Dines, Kathy Whitlow, Michelle Anderson and Steve Waldeck. County Health Officer Dr. Cutler was unable to attend due to his schedule and future meetings will be scheduled on Monday mornings to accommodate his schedule as he is a critical component of the County’s emergency preparedness.


Emergency Preparedness Meetin

Emergency Preparedness Meeting







Vanetti said the Health Department still has a supply of flu vaccine and urges anyone who has been vaccinated do so. A flu shot is $2 and can be arranged in Downieville or Loyalton by calling 993-6700. If necessary a home visit can be arranged. Other issues discussed were communications, cell phone use, 9-1-1 coordination with emergency responders and ambulance grants. The next meeting is scheduled for 10:00 a.m.  April 22 at the  Sierraville Ranger Station.

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