To the wonderful people and family of Sierra County on behalf of myself and family, we want to say thank you for the warm, sympathetic and loving hugs and cards with personal memories of our mother Sheri.

She always found the time to talk to anyone and always had a special relationship with everyone. Your thoughts and prayers will always be remembered because of the strength it has taken to overcome our loss. Our mother was always a positive legacy in our lives with tremendous boundaries and achievements though out her life and she was rewarded with her loving husband, Jim Nicholson, which brought her so much joy and strength. And of course her charming and loving grandson who carries her beautiful qualities. Her last five years were spent with people she loved and enjoyed and trusted and we know she is looking upon us all. Thank you Downieville, Sierra City, Goodyears Bar and especially Indian Valley where the legacy of this family shall continue. Somehow the Indian Valley Outpost will be our legacy for many years to come. See everyone soon.

Love, Ken, Mellissa and Logan Kinneer and our Papa Jim Nicholson

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