2 thoughts on “Sheriff Evans’ Letter to Senator Feinstein 2/20/13

  1. writing a letter to the feinstein gustapo sounds noble but do you seriously think she gives a crap what ANYONE thinks in opposition to guns ??? you are dreaming if you think for 1 nanosecond that she would consider changing her viewpoint on an ideology that she is intrinsically married to. pesky facts & figures mean nothing to a warped minded liberal, as the religion of liberalism is based 100% on emotionilism being there is 0 evidence to support their theories anywhere in the world. our republic is waaaay past the fix-it stage, we have now officially reached the re-set stage.
    quintesential example of what happens when one takes out God from the equation of society, and ANYTHING done without him is pure futility as history always proves.

    • The Editor says: Name calling and finger pointing is not very productive. Working together with those you disagree with to find solutions works better.

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