Sierra County HPP Partnership 3/13/13

2013 Meetings

Sierra County HPP Partnership Guidelines


The Sierra County HPP Partnership exists to provide guidance to the overall healthcare community for emergency preparedness. The Partnership promotes a spirit of cooperation and working together to provide the best possible outcome for the community during an emergency.

ADOPTED MISSION STATEMENT: Through partnerships, planning and practice improve the communities located in Sierra County’s ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from events with impacts to the public’s health.


  • All agencies involved are a part of this group because of their desire to protect and provide for the community should an emergency situation occur.
  • All agencies have a desire to work together and share resources for the betterment of the communities of Sierra County.


The purpose of this Partnership is two-fold:

  • To fulfill the Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP), General Fund Pandemic Influenza (GF Pan Flu or Pan Flu) and Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) grant requirements.
  • To provide a comprehensive collective response to an emergency in Sierra County through cooperative planning and exercises.


There is no monetary membership requirement. All agencies that are a part of the HPP grant must follow the requirements for membership as set out in the HPP grant; however, allied agencies that wish to be a part of this group are also welcome. All agencies represented at the time of any decision making will have equal part in the decision and/or voting.


The Partnership will have the following positions filled solely for the purpose of running the meetings and taking and distributing minutes:

  • Chair: This will be the convening agency, which is the County Public Health Department.
  • Vice-Chair: selected by the Partnership
  • Clerk: selected by the Partnership

These positions will have no additional power or voting rights than any other attendee on any given day when a vote/decision is made. Any member of the Partnership may be asked to act on behalf of the Partnership at any given time.

  • The name of the organization shall be Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinating Committee (PHEPCC)


  • Each facility will respond to all emergencies by:
    • Performing their normal day-today activities
    • Maintaining communications and resource requests with the Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC) as per the EOM
    • Altering staffing, scope of practice and location of office and other necessary requests made from the MHOAC to the facility based upon the EOM and the following:
      • Surge Plan
      • Alternate Care Site Plan
      • Mass Casualty Incident Response Plan
      • Mass Vaccination and Prophylaxis Plan
      • Other guidance as dictated by the event


There being no formal membership and these being only guidelines, there will be no need for formal dissolution of this Partnership.

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