Sierra County Sheriff Public Logs 1/14/13 -1/21/13

Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log
*   Report of woman talking to self and knocking items off the shelves
*   Cite and release on out of county Warrant
*   Civil dispute service
*  Overdue student for appointment
*  Civil service in Verdi
*  Temporary Restraining Order issued
*  Strong odor of propane in Loyalton
*  Vehicle pursuit on Hwy 89 heading from Plumas to Sierra Co
*   Broken window at the Loyalton High School
*   Tenant damages home, doesn’t pay rent and steals chainsaw in Loyalton
*  Civil dispute in Downieville
*  Medical transport to ER in Portola
*  Female yelling at vehicles passing by in Loyalton
*  Medical transport to ER
*  Large basketball boulders in the northbound lanes of Hwy 49, Cox Bar
*  Stranded motorist SR49 at Union Flat Rd
*   Student at Loyalton High School has a knife in possession
*   Medical transport to ER from Loyalton
*   Patient with chest pains at medical clinic in Loyalton
*   RP transported by Sheriff
*   Woman having seizures in Loyalton
*   Request for citizen assist in Loyalton
*   Rock slide at Cannon Point near Downieville
*   RP wants to discuss forfeiture of dog in Loyalton
*   Report of unsanitary conditions for several dogs in a kennel, Loyalton
*  Report of vehicle off roadway near Boca Reservoir
*  Civil Service in Downieville
*  Unknown person entering secure vehicle in Loyalton
*  Vehicle burglarized at Little Truckee Summit
*  CHP bolos for possible DUI Hywy 89 near Sierraville
*  Eight hours later another possible DUI towards Loyalton
*   Vehicle was struck overnight in Loyalton
*  Caller in Sierra City says lost dog he was dogsitting White husky
*  Large amount of small rocks on Hywy 49 Goodyears Bar
*  Caller found a hound dog in Downieville
*  Carbon monoxide detector going off in Verdi
*  School Principal reports bottle thrown through window at Loyalton High School

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