Sierra County Sheriff’s Log 4/22 – 4/28/13

SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Nevada Co SO reports subject high centered near Boca Reservoir
  • Missing medications in Loyalton
  • Restrained party sends texts to Reno area
  • Smoke smell and hazy air in Downieville


  • Medical emergency in Goodyears Bar
  • Control burn at Sage Hen Summit
  • Juvenile issue in Downieville
  • Voice mails to Sheriff cause for concern
  • Stolen property from the Loyalton High School
  • Suspicious vehicle in Dog Valley Campground
  • Civil dispute in Loyalton
  • Canine mistreatment in Loyalton
  • Person walking on Gold Lake Rd reports vehicle stuck in snow 2 days
  • Suspicious circumstances near Bordertown
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Teenagers partying loudly in Loyalton


  • Caller reports someone walking in the cold in middle of night near Sierraville
  • Control burn near Sagehen Summit
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Verbal abuse of an elderly in Loyalton
  • Animal cruelty in Loyalton
  • Welfare check needed
  • Burglary in Sierra City
  • Warrant arrest in Loyalton


  • Lights on at Loyalton church
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton


  • Brush fire on SPI property
  • Small dog in the wrong yard
  • Warrant arrest in Downieville
  • Large dog loose on Loyalton school grounds
  • Welfare check needed in Loyalton
  • Civil dispute Restraining Order in Calpine
  • Small fire handled by 9-1-1 call back in Loyalton
  • Restraining Order clarification
  • Nobody called 9-1-1 in Downieville
  • Possible child abuse in Loyalton
  • Dead deer on highway in Verdi
  • People in cars tearing up field at Pliocene Ridge School
  • Vehicle on Hwy 49 near Pike appeared to be in accident


  • Bear breaks into Downieville house and wreaks havoc
  • Traffic control needed at Ramshorn for helicopter transport
  • Female fell down and needed help in Downieville
  • White dog with black patch reported in Downieville


  • Debit card found in Downieville
  • Dying bear on property in Sierra City


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