Sierra County Sheriff’s Public Log 2/25 to 3/3/13

SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • RP says friends not home from 4×4 expedition near Alleghany
  • Diabetic male is very lethargic in Loyalton
  • Female may be having heart attack in Alleghany
  • Craig’s list transaction may be cause for concern in Loyalton


  • Loyalton female has medical problems
  • SCRD reports control burn at Ramshorn
  • Female needs ambulance at Clinic in Loyalton
  • Another ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Assault victim reported in Pike
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton


  • Test calls on system in Downieville
  • Civil dispute in Sierra City
  • Suspicious package at Loyalton Landfill


  • Ambulance needed at Loyalton Hospital
  • Juvenile problem at Loyalton Middle School
  • Boulder causing traffic hazard near Sattley


  • Medical Emergency in Loyalton
  • Civil Dispute
  • Three dogs running loose in Loyalton


  • Ambulance needed at hospital
  • Dog running loose in Loyalton
  • Hospice death reported Verdi
  • Property stolen in Loyalton
  • SO reports broken window in Sierraville
  • Continuous dog problem in Loyalton
  • Speeder stopped on Hwy 49 near Goodyears Bar
  • Caller worried about shotgun being fired near Loyaton
  • 9-1-1 hangup


  • Coroner’s case in Sierra City
  • Threatening phone calls received in Camptonville
  • Driver over yellow line several times on Hywy 89
  • Vehicle rollover near Chilcoot


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