Sierra County Sheriff’s Public Log 12/31/12 – 01/06/13


12/31/12 -Items stolen from truck in Loyalton

12/31/12 -Alarm rings in county offices in Downieville

12/31/12 -An unconscious female was reported in Sattley

12/31/12 -Somebody was watching somebody on his property in Downieville

12/31/12 -A man was acting suspicious in Sierra City

12/31/12 – Violent dogs were chasing children in Sierra City

12/31/12 -The missing person called and said she was lost

12/31/12 -A phone was reported stolen from a vehicle on Gold Lake Rd

12/31/12 -Keys were stolen in Loyalton

12/31/12 -Caller reported someone was breaking into her home.

01/01/13 -Sporadic gunshots in Loyalton 19 minutes after 2013 began.

01/01/13 -Injured deer reported alongside the highway near Camp Yuba

01/01/13 -Arrest made after a battery was reported

01/01/13 -Many small rocks occupying Hywy 49 between Downieville and Goodyears

01/01/13 -Lights were reported on at Sierra Brooks Firehouse

01/02/13 -Possible heart attack in Loyalton needs ambulance

01/02/13 -Two cellphones found in parking area at Bassett’s

01/02/13 -Vehicle roll over near Bees Ranch

01/02/13 -Caller says two people w/flashlights entering neighbors home

01/02/13 -Plumas SO reports 9-1-1 call from cellphone in Calpine

01/02/13 -Caller says her cat harmed with fireworks

01/02/13 -Medical response for victim with high blood pressure and pain

01/03/13 -USFS reports control burn in Loyalton Pines area.

01/03/13 -Suspicious male asking postal questions in Sattley

01/03/13 -Dog bite in Calpine

01/03/13 -Caller hangs up on 9-1-1 in Calpine

01/03/13 -Vandalism to P.O.Box in Long Valley

01/03/13 -Caller hangs up on 9-1-1 in Calpine

01/04/13 -Medical help needed in Sattley

01/04/13 -Another phone found at Bassetts

01/04/13 -Vandalism to a vehicle parked in Loyalton on 12/26/12 reported

01/04/13 – Report of vehicle with front tire blown at Newman Point

01/04/13 -Family altercation in Loyalton

01/04/13 -Suspicious vehicle spotted in Loyalton at Old Mill Site

01/04/13 -Black Newfoundland dog found RP providing care in Sierraville

01/04/13 -Middle aged male fell and hit his head in Loyalton

01/04/13 -Report of harassing phone calls, texts and photos in Loyalton

01/05/13 -Stolen snowboard in at Green Acres

01/05/13 -Barking dog in Sierraville

01/05/13 -Accidental 9-1-1 in Downievile

01/05/13 -Restraining Order Violation -Sierra City firearms not turned in

01/05/13 -Ambulance needed in Sattley

01/06/13 -Caller reports lost cell phone.

01/06/13 -Three loose dogs scaring children in Sierra Brooks

01/06/13 -Ambulance needed in Loyalton

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