Sierra Hiker 11/28/12

11/28/12 Sierra Hiker revisits the Volcano Lake area see here  Volcano Lake

The water comes in..


More beauty

and calm

Beauty, Calm and Clear



11/21/12 The Sierra Hiker reminds us what happens up here in the summer time. The recent rain and snow makes for good rafting next summer. Take a look see. Photos by David Marshall.

Takes an expert to make it through Maytag on the No Yuba River..

More brave hearts in the Maytag

New fangled rafts

Fun on the river but you got to know what you’re doing

What would Lewis & Clark think?




11/17/12  This week the Sierra Hiker has some fantastic pictures of Fall Colors in Downieville, you can find beauty right here in river city.. We have set up archives for Sierra Hiker and you will be able to find past hikes Sierra Hiker Archive

Along the Downieville River Walk

Fall colors

As the river flows….

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